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Smoking Weed From Cigs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RippinInTheUS, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. First off I don't smoke cigarettes. I used to be addicted and it took a long time to get off them. But I can't roll joints or blunts for shit. So I was wondering if I can just dump the tobacco out of cigarettes and pack it with weed. Would the cigarettes still have traces of any tobacco or nicotine or anything?

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  2. yeah i did it once, it burns quick
    but you're overthinking it, lookup cones! They're exactly what you're after, they're already rolled papers with a roach in the bottom, so you can just pack the weed in like you were hoping
    or, you can get a rolling machine
    RAW makes both
  3. If you end up doing this, you should use a chop stick or something that fits inside the empty cig paper so you can pack it down easily. Be sure to carefully remove the filter as well lol.
  4. What's wrong with the filter?

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    I personally feel like it filters out some of the cannabis's qualities / properties.
  6. They also sell 200 empty cigs with filters for $2.99 just about anywhere (gas station, smoke shops, grocery stores) if you want that. I also don't like the idea of a filter on my joint, unless it's a rolling tip that only stops weed from getting in your mouth (usually lol).
    Ultimately I agree with getting a rolling machine for around $5 and getting some papers. I don't recommend the RAW roller itself, I always have issues with them. Zig Zag rollers work perfect everytime. I do use RAW papers and filter tips though.
  7. Actually on second thought, 200 empty cigs for $2.99 is cheap as fuck! Plus I have one of those faster rolling machines with the swing arm on them (big bulky platform thing), I could roll some J's and cut off the filter... instant J at a much cheaper price.
  8. OMG I think i just threw up a little bit in my mouth. That is so gross.
  9. Ya you can, I recommend cutting off most/all of the filter.  Buy a rolling tin, I got one for $5 and its great when I am in a hurry.  You should practice rolling to its not to hard once you get the hang of it.
  10. The inside of the clipper is your friend for this job!
  11. I would just keep practicing or have a homie who's really good at rolling teach you how to roll joints

    Stay Lifted~
    It's therapy... You should definitely learn how to roll them! You'll fall in love with joints that much more!
  13. I would never, ever do that.
    Invest in some prerolled papers, or have a friend teach you to roll.
    Like Geminate said, it really is therapeutic to roll and then smoke your own jays <3
  14. RAW makes cones and a machine to fill the cones, it's super easy and probably would work well for you.

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    It's not therapeutic yet for me. I have tried for years and can't do it. Maybe it's due to not having steady hands... they shake.
  16. ^ That easily could be it, I have friends who's hands shake too much and they never can pack a bowl or anything.
  17. That's a little worse than me, I can usually pack bowls without spilling too much. One day I will roll my J's by hand though! I just have to take it slow so I don't get too frustrated.
  18. Just use a pipe.. Joints are fun, but a waste of weed in my opinion. So unless you grow, just get a pipe. You can find pipes that if treated with care, will last you a lifetime.

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