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Smoking weed before getting on a plane with parents?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by samkilty, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Hi, thanks for reading. I have been smoking for about l a year probably 6 times a month or more. I still have a pretty low tolerance though. Today I am planning on taking about 2 hits out of a homemade bong in my bathroom with the shower running. I will then put in eyedrops and shower. I will then go to the airport with my family (a neighbor is driving us). we have 3 pretty short flights. We're gettin in late so it's okay If I'm really tired from coming down from the high. Ive never been at the peak of my high with my parents. I've only come home while still slightly high.Here's my question: will I freak out? I get paranoid a little still but not too much. Let me know if this is a good idea. I won't be too high, just a little. If it matters the weed is mostly sativa and fucks your head up :smoke: thanks for reading!!
  2. Sounds like something id do.

    In fact that shower setup is how i blazed a lot this past summer.
    My advice would be to take single hitters (make sure you take the bowl in one hit so theres no plume of smoke rising out of the bowl). and sploof it if you need to...

    When is this flight of yours?
    Im very used to being around my parents stoned... Usually the first thing i do after ripping a bowl is go talk to them haha if you have the oppurtuniy i would try a test run at home 1st, just to make sure you wont freak out.

    Sounds like you have everything thought out though, good luck!
  3. by the time your actually on the plane you wont even really be high, just relaxed maybe. it takes awhile to drive there, get tickets, go through security, wait for boarding, etc.
  4. Firecracker bro, eat one with 1g of dank on the way there. :D
  5. Yeah, I'd suggest eating an edible right before you get into the airport. Then you're in for a nice flight. :cool:
  6. Put in your head phones, close your eyes, or look out the window.

    Jet life to the next life...I fly at least twice a month and smoke about an 8th before I fly...
  7. dude no need to worry you prob wont even be high around your parents just smoke and enjoy it. with the shower and everything you should be fine..go ahead and take a fifth or sixth hit for me in there:)
  8. so i smoked about 3/4 of a bowl and it was amaaziiingg!! Except i forgot about water in my bag and they searched it haha i was so scared. Awesome experience though, thanks everybody for the advice!
  9. Nooo I did this when I went to colorado with my dad and I was geeeeeeeekeddd the plane ride was tripppy
  10. Dont worry man!! If you smoke then shower and use the drops and you're smooth sailing! I know that paranoid feeling, as if you think everyone will know as soon as they see you. In reality, they dont know anything it will be the last thing they expect. I went through the same thing, but this thanksgiving i said screw it and got super faded before thanksgiving with all my family..munched and everything was good!! Goodluck man
  11. Just put in eyedrops before you smoke, don't reek, and if they ask, just say you're tired. I ate a ton of edibles on my way to europe.
  12. Do it. I would just make sure to use eyedrops. My eyes always get so red when I'm baked.
  13. I hope you get really high and want off the plane, but can't, then have a kinky orgasm
  14. Lol try being on a plane on LSD. much more unsettling..
  15. Sounds like something that would be muuuch better on edibles, but do it!

  16. you think youll have a panic attack around your parents?

    imagine going through airport security high :mad: buzz kill for sure
  17. riding on a plane high would be badass

  18. smoking and/while flying a plane high would be badass :smoke: :cool:
  19. Edibles, bro. Firecracker or weed peanutbutter are easy to make and consume. I'd say eat a little breakfast along with an edible. A gram, or a nice size bud would be best. Hit you 30min-1hr and you'll keep climbing from there.

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