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Smoking weed at an indoor Gaga concert :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GoddessOfLove, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Hi loves!

    New member here, first post -

    So I'm seeing Gaga in Philly in September! Soooo excited omg I cant wait! I love her so much and of course I wanna get drunk as fuck and high. I got general admission tickets so I'm gonna be waiting on line for a long time (probably gonna camp out the night before) and I'm gonna be smoking weed and drinking while I'm waiting to get in but I wanna smoke during the concert too

    Gaga loves it when her fans smoke weed during her shows + she's smoked on stage a few times and during her last tour, the artRave, which I saw three times she would say "Now would be a good time to light up" every single show right before she sang Mary Jane Holland, a song about smoking weed + for this tour she got another song about getting high and falling in love called John Wayne sooo a lot of ppl smoke during her show but Im still kinda nervous because I never smoked during her last tour because I was younger then and W/ my luck I'll be the one bitch getting kicked out lol so please give me some advice x

    What do ppl usually smoke at concerts? Oh and it's indoor btw :) + yeah its Gaga so tons of security. Gonna hide my weed in my heels. But yeah what do ppl smoke out of? Joints or blunts I would guess? Or maybe one hitters? Bowls or Pipes?

    Thanks :)
  2. Honestly, I'm just spitballin' here, but I'd probably keep your stash well hidden until you're safely inside the venue, if your gonna do it during the show, it would suck to run into trouble and get busted or fucked with before you're even inside, right? I don't really know how they'll respond once you do light up, but I feel that would be a good place to start. Have fun!


  3. :lmafoe::lmafoe:
    "Lady gaga loves it when her fans smoke weed" really? Who you think she is Snoop Dogg/Wiz Khalifa? I've just done a quick google search says on there she smoked weed after having hip surgery nothing about her fans... & why have you paid to see a walking freak show? She's weird AF just look at her lady-gaga-weird-outfits1.jpg :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: she has a net worth of 82 million yet dresses like trash :confused_2::confused_2:

  4. "Lady gaga loves weed"

    Sorry to break it to you She's a poser who the fuck sparks up a fat joint takes 3 hits then throws it into the crowd:laughing::confused_2:

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