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Smoking weed and your heart

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by josejura, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. have any of you felt your heart beat when you blaze it
    well i blazed it last week and i felt my heart beat more than usual and it kinda hurt well not alot but a wierd warm feeling i cant explain it well can any one tell me whats up with that and how to prevent it or what kinda bud i can smoke that doesent make my body react like that and that doesent make me trip out while im zoned out any tips and etc thanx :confused:
  2. An increased heart rate is a 100% researched side effect. This is normal, you are NOT going to have a heart attack. Don't even let it bother you. Most people's hearts increase by 10-15 bpm while under the influence of Marijuana.

    Once again, your normal, this is an extremely common side effect.
  3. smoke another joint and you'll have a heartattack

  4. And I'm guessing those 10-15 beats don't effect your health at all right? Because when you excercise your heart rate increases more than that.
  5. OP's talking about heart palpitations. I've gotten them before and actually i was born with a fucked up heart. Weed has never worsened the condition of my heart, and i smoke daily.

    It isn't the weed, heart palpitations happen for other reasons. Wikipedia?
  6. Weed is known for increasing your heart rate. I don't believe it has an actual negative effect.
  7. I have a "condition" that really doesn't effect me too much, but occasionally i'll have tachycardias, where my heart rate beats very rapidly. Once I counted and it was blasting at like 270 bpm. They never last long though and are scarce. I have noticed that sometimes when i smoke a lot of weed i'll have a pretty damn high heart rate, probably approaching 200 bpm or so. This has happened quite a few times and only when i smoked more than usual.

  8. Yes, there is a general rule of thumb.

    If you can walk continuously for 30 minutes, your heart is OVER-PREPARED for the slight increase from Marijuana. Some people just believe their heart is beating much faster because if they focus on it while high, paranoia will kick in and everything seems worse than it is.

    Don't sweat it, no one has ever died from Marijuana use.
  9. smoke more so its to the point where you no longer even care. or, just know youve smoked enough and don't let the paranoia take you over, by just ignoring it and not thinking about it. you'll be fine, THC nevr killed anyone. if youre really worried, its probably caused from the i suggest investing in a vaporizer :smoking:

  10. Yeah,I got paranoid because I thought my heart was beating really fast when I first got high. That was about a year ago and never happens now.
  11. Everyone has that thought at one point or another, and it's completly normal, just don't let it get to you, it's nothing to worry about
  12. I had that side effect when i smoked :smoking: a long time ago. I find it helps trying to relax and not let it bother you just take in the experience
  13. while you may have an increased heartrate when you smoke, you heartrate goes up to 4 times that whenever you have an orgasm ;)
  14. Lol Very true or when your running for ya life when a dogs chasing ya coz it likes the smell of ya stash
  15. like everyone esle said, marijuana increases ur heart rate when you smoke, it's perfectly normal.

    I would reccomend smoking more indica strains. if you don't want ur heat to race then try to stay away from stong sativas.
  16. I just think it's because your body is so in tune with your every sense. It makes feeling things in your body more intensely. So I think it's just because you're so aware of your heartbeat that you focus on it. But it probably does beat faster because your so paranoid about it, you make yourself worked up.
  17. I know this is an old thread, but lately (just started), my heart feels like it's going to rip itself out of my chest every time I get high. It actually totally sucks. Yet somehow I just keep doing it!
  18. its scientifically proven that you are 4x more likely to have a heart attack within the first hour of smoking marijuana
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    dude don't worry... worrying about an increased heart rate while smoking marijuana is like worrying your going to get high... it happens to everyone. That's just what it does. Try not to worry... the fast heart rate is no different than you taking a light jog for 5 minutes. NO health concerns. Mine generally increases up 40 bpm higher than normal. Also worrying about it will make it rocket even higher.
  20. source?

    didnt think so.

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