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smoking weed and surgery

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Coltt45, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. I'm getting surgery in a few months which will require me to go under anesthesia. and i smoke weed so will this cause complications with the surgery?
  2. chacha said it effects your lungs so this could effect the ability for my lungs to take in oxygen during the operation. idk if its true though

  3. do you know who answers those questions on chacha....? random ass people, if you got a cellphone you can answer questions for chacha.
  4. No, it won't. I smoked the night before my surgery and it didn't cause any problems for me (or the doctors) the morning after.
  5. I wouldn't smoke if I were you, vaporizing or making edibles would be ideal though.
  6. lol is that a joke. :eek: It will help you to feel much better after surgery.
  7. Everyone absorbs O2 (oxygen) and anesthesia at a different rate; that's why when you get set up for surgery they'll put a little thing on your fingertip that measures your PSO2 (02 saturation in the blood). You're also going to have a respiratory gas monitor between you and the gas supply. This will read how much anesthesia is going into you, and how much is coming out of you. Between that and your heart rate, the anesthesiologist can adjust your gas flows to make sure you get plenty of happy juice and 02.

    Trust me dude, a couple years smoking pot isn't going to mess your lungs up nearly as bad as the 80 year old chain smoker, and my grandpa had no problems with his last surgery.
  8. hey thanks man thats the answer i was lookin for lol
  9. No problem dude; I was a medic in the Air Force for four years, so I kinda know this stuff.
  10. one more question. would it make any difference that the surgery is on my chest? (its not on my heart or lungs though.)

  11. your good bro

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