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Smoking w/ matches

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DKro1856, May 26, 2009.

  1. Alright so a few people on this site say that they enjoy smoking with matches.... they have said that, "they like the extra taste", "much smoother hits", "no butane after taste like lighters", and just a bunch of other shit. I personally fucking HATE THEM! the taste is so disgusting tastes all salty and feels like my throught is honestly on fire or something. What do you guys think about smoking with matches????
  2. works fine..its just annoying.

    dont use them for bowls just blunts and joints.
  3. I don't even notice a taste difference, it's more expensive though. I do like the smell of burning matches, but it's just not as efficient. I haven't noticed smoother hits either. Only thing you can do to burn better is a solar hit, but if you're inside or the suns not out or you don't have a magnifying glass, then a lighter will do just fine.
  4. sure its a flame but you dont taste anything gross??? or abnormal...
  5. A fuckin solar hit would be tight as hell. Im gonna try it.

    But yeah matches suck. Used em once when no one had a light and it was bad. Tasted horrible.
  6. I don't mind them...if anything I prefer them.
  7. Hell ya man solar hits are badass but time consuming... and thank you finally someone agrees with me MATCHES ARE HORRIBLE!

    man I cant see how people hate ressin yet they prefer matches and shit. I dont get it.
  8. So you just get a magnifying glass or what?
  9. ya man just get your magnifying glas (biggest you can get) and just focus it on the bowl like you were killing ants as a little kid. And like just inhale slowly at first until it gradually starts to smoke more.
  10. Your not supposed to notice a difference when smoking with matches. The point is that it puts you in the mindset that this is a special occasion, and thus will be better. Thats why you shouldn't smoke blunts all the time, and when you do, use matches!
  11. Im fuckin pumped. Im doing this tomorrow. lol i might have to go buy a magnifying glass though. Doubt i have one.
  12. hahah for sure man its great just knowing your using nature to your advantages and not having to go out and buy lighters and shit have fun bro its a good time.
  13. I did the "pepsi challenge" between butane and matches and picked matches each time. There's a trick to using them though: strike it and let the tip finish smoking so the flame is mostly on the wood before using the flame. That phosphorus in the tip will burn your throat and taste horrible, not to mention it's poisonous.

    Whetherit's for bowls, rillos, cigarettes, etc., I'm sold on matches.

    Solar hits sound fuckin tight!
  14. ya for sure man I feel ya if its a blunt then thats completly different because you dont gotta inhale when you first light it up you can just puff on it until its lit. Im talkin like people smoking with bowls and shit but idk. I see what you mean by the whole special occasion stuff.
  15. O shit thats smart lol I never thought of that but what if it goes out before it gets to the wood.

    SOLAR HITS ARE AMAZING! i would highly recommend them man.
  16. ^^^^^hahahah, obviously you have to let it burn down past he sulfur tip, come on... you should also try and get the smell away first because it will mimic a bad taste in you mouth.

    BUT, BEELINE FTW!!!!!!
  17. I use matches exclusively. As previously mentioned, you need to let the sulfur tip burn off. Wood matches are better than matchbook matches, and if you're really dedicated, proper cigar matches are the best. How anyone thinks that a match tastes worse than an ordinary butane lighter is seriously beyond me.

    I never use a regular butane lighter. If I must use a lighter, it'll be a torch with quadruple refined butane. Even then, I can't escape the nasty butane flavor.

    One of these days I'll get around to some Bee Line. There's something nicely nostalgic about matches though :)

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