smoking vs drinking?

Discussion in 'General' started by calitreez, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. how do you guys feel? personally... as of right now i could put down the bottle for life if i could just smoke some sweet mary jane..

    i havent drank liqour in months and i did tonight and i just feel crappy... tired and nausiated and when i smoke its just like.. super chill and happy and normal. i can enjoy ANY activity im doing and not feel terrible while doin it. i love drinkin beer but when it comes to liqour its just not my thing, i'll stick to the sticky imo.
  2. I really like smoking and drinking, but I would definitely give up drinking for life if it meant that I could smoke without penalty for the rest of my life.

    Anything other than that deal, it's no dice on giving up booze.
  3. yaaa man i love cross fading but.. only drinking beer lol idk man mayb i got a weak stomach or just dont drink enough but liqour makes me feel like shit.

    weed on the otherhand.. its just way better! i smoke daily and i love it everytime.. but drinking i gotta worry about throwing up and hangovers and its wayy too much shit to deal with lol
  4. weed>beer for me.
    idk why, but everytime I get drunk and High,
    I eventually throw up.
    it's prlly cuz I drink like 1 time a month.
  5. I'll take both. :D
  6. both are great, i love hard alchohol, because of the nights where everyone gets shit faced are great, until you start puking. but it's cool.
    and beer is cool, i love the whole chill feeling after a good couple of 40s or a good amount of beer.

    but man, if i had to choose between alchohol and weed i'd obviously choose weed.

    i can make decisions more easily while high than when i'm buzzed/obviously drunk.

    when i drink i tend to just say "fuck it" and do something that i'd normally pull myself back from doing, for example calling some girl in my phonebook and tell her that i want to go out with her or some stupid shit like that.

    weed doesn't make me want to do that, it just makes me forget that my phone is even in my pocket..

    which is a good feeling.
  7. I've never been a very big fan of alcohol but i think it has its place. I rarely drink but getting drunk at a good party can be a lot of fun if you dont over do it. Definitely a much different experience than getting stoned at a party. Especially for those of us who arnt naturally the most outgoing people, getting drunk in large groups makes me feel much more involved in whats going on and much more impulsive. where as when im baked i feel more like an outside observer and find myself just watching everyone and analyzing what they are doing.
    But ive never had a very good experience with alcohol other than at parties, but weed on the other hand is a good experience almost evey time.
  8. I hate alcohol I don't see a point in it at all, weed's harmless and doesn't give you a hang over so I'll always smoke over drinking
  9. Bud is a chill guy to hang with, Al can be a hardcore assclown sometimes.
  10. i prefer smoking, by far.
    really not a fan of drinking...
    i could easily go the rest of my life without ever drinking again if i had to choose between the two.
  11. I do both, and drinking causes more problems than toking
  12. I like drinking a couple of beers every now and then. Getting drunk used to be fun,but now that i've been smoking for a while it's turned in to this unpleasant state of being where i have difficulty controlling myself. Being high just feels much better, and no hangovers. I still like the buzz from some alcohol tho, and combining it with MJ.
  13. I do like drinking, Im not exactly good at keeping conversations going with people I dont know well and when im a bit drunk I just talk more freely and all that, then again being shit faced can be pretty embarrasing afterward cos im usually pretty reserved or whatever.
    But if was given the choice of never smoking again or never drinking again, I would choose to keep on smoking for sure.... and usually when im drunk chances are im high too, just love that feeling, even though it sometimes gives me the spins.
  14. I will admit I enjoy both, but currently I would pick smoking over drinking.

    But as soon as I become more professional and serious with my career I will probably be trading my bong for a wine cellar.
  15. If I could smoke legally for the rest of my life I'd sign away my right to drink alcohol.

    For me alcohol is purely social, I don't really enjoy the taste, unless it's good beer or a well-made mixed drink. But with weed I enjoy every part of it, the culture, the smoking and the high. Even being drunk isn't that great, you lose your inhibitions and feel nice but it doesn't really last that long, and the comedown sucks ass (hangover).

    But the good part is I've been smoking so much lately and drinking so little I now have zero alcohol tolerance, which I'll admit is really rare for a college student. If I finished a six-pack at this point I'd be pretty fucked up, whereas I used to be able to drink 20 drinks before I started seriously smoking.
  16. do i have to give alcohol up totally or just the social drinking aspect of it?

    im the kind of guy who enjoys an ice cold beer with a hot juicy steak, a foreign lager with bratwursts, and a nice tasty wine with pastas and seafood. im also the guy whose fridge is stocked with beer on friday night festivities and football sundays where im glued to the couch surrounded by bud and snacks as well.

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