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Smoking vaped Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YYZ, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Does anyone smoke vaped weed?

    im not vaping for the health issues, i dont really care about smoking it,

    I mean getting the most out of my weed, since i like to vaporize and smoke.

    So do you think its a good idea?
  2. This. Like let's say if I vape some dank shyt. Could I smoke it?? And would it feel like I'm smoking regs or something??
  3. A friend of mine has a vape. Doesn't get me buzzed like my bong does. But I have a 2.5 ft bong that has hoses coming out of it, so it's more like a hooka, and I need at least one other person or it doesn't work properly.

    Vapes kinda smell nice, and go down easy. My buddy's fills up a plastic bag and then you gotta suck it out of the bag.

    I don't like that setup.

    If you had a vape that could vaperoize .3g instantly, and let me toke it all at once I'd dig it. But this thing mixes way to much air into the bud, so you have to take like 5 hits to get it all. So I think it wastes.

    If I want to get the most out of my bud I use hot knives.
  4. You can smoke it, not that great of a high though. I know it just gives some people a head ache.
    Save it up and make something tasty with it.
  5. Vaped weed tastes terrible when smoked. Its better to save it and make edibles with.
  6. but will it still get me high?

    i have no access to great weed in my town and cant make edibles, as im living with the parents still.
  7. it gets the job done
  8. No either revape it or make edibles.

  9. I've only done it once. It tasted horrible, and hit very harsh. And I didn't get high.
  10. if you smoke like 3 bowls or vaped weed then you'll feel high,5 bowls if you have to get stoned ;) :D

  11. No. If it was vaped properly, then you will not get high from putting it in edibles, or smoking it, or any other way to ingest it. It will most likely give you a headache. Oh.. and it tastes like tobacco and dog shit when smoked.
  12. I've been doing it all week because of a busted bowl piece on my vape. It get's me buzzed
    pretty good. It's harsh as hell and tastes nasty, but it works.
  13. No. If it was vaped properly it will still get you high. If it does not get you high then you did not vape it you burned it
  14. If your in a pinch itll work. gotta smoke alot more to get high though, an it really doesnt taste all that good, ive yet to try putting it in edibles, i was thinking of saving a bunch up, then throwing a bit of some dank buds in with it to give the recipe more of a kick
  15. you can smoke it for sure, it tastes like shit tho. definitely better to make edibles with as far as getting the most out of your chron.
  16. I usually smoke vaped weed as soon as I wake up and maybe put kief on top. That seems to get breakfast on my mind haha. It might not taste great, but it still gets me that good buzz when I wake up
  17. OP if you cant make edibles you could make a Green Dragon with it and keep it hidden in your closet or something. Though with vaped weed it would be more like a Brown Dragon :(

  18. Doesnt green dragon contain alcohol?

    so isnt it jsut weed alc?
  19. anybody know approximately how much vaped weed youd need to make a reasonably potent batch of brownies?
  20. i've always used 1 ounce. makes some very satisfying brownies. first time i did it with an ounce i threw in an extra eighth of unvaped bud just to be safe and....we were all comatose, too intense. 1 ounce is pretty perfect

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