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Smoking up while taking a shit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wugwan, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. It's the best of both worlds. Toking on that J while your releasing your lovely shit. :smoking::smoking::smoking: Matter of fact i'm going to take a shit right now, who wants in session!!
  2. You can shit on demend?
  3. eww, the smell would ruin the sesh for me...
  4. The smell of your own shit bothers you? That's odd. I mean, I know you CAN smell it, but it's usually not close to as bad as when you smell somebody else's shit. Where do you think the "They think they're shit don't stank" came from? Haha.
  5. No need for air freshener lmao.

    But I do it sometimes when I only have a certain amount of time before work so I'll kill two birds with one stone.
  6. i took a shit while on acid.

  7. It's just so damn satisfying. Almost as good as a Jamaican shower.
  8. My shit smells pretty bad
  9. #9 rastarish206, Aug 14, 2011
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    Once did the same on shrooms and for 15 minutes I was convinced that my soul had left my body in the turd. Never again.
  10. As far as bathroom bong rips go, I've had my share haha. Toke on, my defecating friend. :smoke:
  11. #11 Black-Syth, Aug 14, 2011
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    Man, pretty good idea actually. I was originally opposed to all of the shitting and smoking thing but that makes pretty perfect sense. Shit and smoke a j before work when I'm really crunched on time, which happens enough.
  12. Every morning I wake up, grad a joint from the weed jar, go post up on the throne, and take my morning deuce while taking a shit. Sometimes ill smoke In the shower as well.
  13. never toked while taking a shit but sometimes when i was about 14-16 i use to take my bud to the bathroom and smoke up, then out of the blue i would have to take a shit! i always saw it as a good thing because i didn't have to waist my time having to get rid of the weed smell.

  14. when you get out do you see smoke coming off your skin? i swear everytime i smoke in the shower and i get out i always see smoke rising off my body!
  15. There are many people who are habituated to smoke while they go to washroom.They say that it help them and somehow it right.

  16. Lol I can smoke naked but I could never bring myself to smoke while taking a shit though my friend told me it's amazing, I never wanna take shit on any drugs I have a bad feeling of what might happen.
  17. lmfao, I always vape and poo at the same time. makes me feel less stressed and releases shits faster :p
  18. I have done this before but only when doing it alone. Hey if you know your going to be in their awhile might as well have something to do.
  19. Man i agree. Glad im not tha only one to do this anymore. Its so efficent! For some reason the excitment of knowin im about to smoke makes wanna use tha bathroom. 8 minutes later im in the shower feelin nice. Perfect way to start any day.
  20. I have done it once, but did not enjoy it. It was just strange. Maybe it's just that it wasn't my toke spot, but I was uncomfortable.

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