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smoking tricks, shapes, etc... what is the gnarliest you can do or have seen?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Herbals, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. so i was curious. what are all the types of smoke tricks you can do....
    besides the o's, ghosts, and french inhales.....what else can you do?

    i've heard of do you do that???? and some people can blow smoke from out their eye sockets... ive seen a picture of this guy blowing 2 o's from his mouth at the same time... and i think i may have seen o's from someone exhaling out of their nose...

    im pretty curious, and it would be AWESOME if we can get some pics on here of your best smoke tricks, or anything outrageous you've seen....

    i think this would be an awesome thread if we got it going....
  2. Surface hits are fun. Like you hit a blunt and hold the smoke in your mouth then let it fall onto a surface (table) then inhale it real fast. What I do though to make it dank is, I let it fall onto the table and move my head back so it makes like a stream of smoke then I inhale it like a line through my nose haha. People get a kick out of it when I do it. Its fun :D Might make a video next time I got an L.:cool:
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    lol i enjoy smoke bubbles they arent very hard to do at all it takes 0 skill but they look cool lol
    ill try and find a youtube video

    [ame=""]YouTube - smoke bubble[/ame]
    this is pretty cool
    (not me, much better than i've ever done it)
  4. i dont know any tricks really but this guy the other day fit a fuckin 3 grams into one blunt, it was fuckin awesome
  5. also i can do a decent french inhale :p

  6. Thats not so special.
  7. I like the kid lurking on the ground the whole time Lol.
  8. Hearts are easy you blow a smoke ring and snap in the middle, the snap causes air to be drawn towards the center making it look like a heart.
  9. how do you snap? or what do you mean by that
  10. I snap with my index and ring finger, when I blow the O I put my fingers near the center of the O and just snap. The air drawn in for the snap makes the heart shape

  11. lol ikr
    and at the end he gets the smoke bubble blown on him
  12. i can blow smoke out of my ass, but i wouldnt try it if i were you makes my fart smell like weed :p
  13. I can't do anything crazy, but I've mastered all the easier ones. I can do small, fast snaps and the big slow ones. I don't like Os because they are a waste of smoke to me, but I have a couple friends who can do hearts. Other than that I haven't heard of anything outrageous.

  14. um, how the fuck do you snap with your index and ring finger?
  15. ^^^^ this....
  16. XD He probably meant index/thumb.

    The only smoke trick I regularly do is french inhaling. It's gotten to the point where it's natural for me, even when smoking ciggys.

    Ghost's are fun too. :D

  17. I have no idea, I can't do it at all lmfao.
  18. It's pretty cool when you can do a ghost inhale off of a flat surface. It's also easy.
    Not sure if it has it's own name or not..
  19. I can french inhale then stop it abruptly and it will blow a ring; then I can suck that back in my mouth.

    uhh I can blow a small ring through a big ring, and suck the little one back up.

    when I hit a blunt I pull off sharply at the end of my hit and a ring comes out the cherry end of the blunt. sometimes.

    I can let out a huge ball of smoke and suck it back in, but I think everyone can.

    and i can slowly let the smoke out of my mouth and it goes straight up my face and my nose splits it into 2 perfect streams haha.
  20. I like to blow a smoke ring that has a stream of smoke still attached and then suck it all back in like a smoke lasso.

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