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  1. recently ive smoked everyday, and my work has been severly impaired. i love weed, but i figure that you have to use it in moderation. weed has no place in my life if it screws up my work. im not stopping, i dont think i ever will, but i'm defiantley cutting down.

    just a message - dont smoke weed too much, it can screw up your life if you dont treat it with respect. to put it in a nutshell-

    weed is a wonderful, terrible thing. it bears two vines, life and death.

    not that severe obviously, but you get the idea. extra points for who can tell me what book that line comes from!!! (except the weed part).
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  2. I've been smoking _a lot_ these past few weeks and yeah it does damper things. But with me I can smoke as much as I want as long as I take a week break before the month is up.. and when my mind clears i'm fine. nothing pernament:]

    r0ar, smoke your last joint with me in mind. and sooner or later you'll be just fine.
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  3. im not giving up smoking!! never would i do that. ive decided ill smoke on weekends, and one week night, if i really want to. i just cant smoke everyday anymore....
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  4. hello highasakite and soulzero. i agree that weed and work don't usually mix. i am in the unique position of not having to work and working for a grower... so for the last 9 years it has been an everyday thing for me. it's from morning 'till night if i don't have an appointment. once in a while i don't smoke for a day or two and then i remember what it's like to get stoned. mostly i'm under the influence all the time. ain't life grand? peace p :rolleyes:
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  5. I think I smoke too much as well. Its not effecting my work but its costing me a pretty penny. When I smoke up at night, the 1st thing i do is hit the PC and start coding. The only thing I can't deal with is alcohol. I avoid that like the plague.
  6. just to keep ya posted!!

    i am smoking only on weekends and occasionally during the week. my work is back on track and i feel great. now weed is not like an everyday thing, it is a treat that i can look forward to. its good!!! i love weed!
  7. Moderation ! Is the key.
    I am (and always will be) a huge supportor of marijuana use (not abuse).I believe we should all have this right. I am nearing a point of celebration. After taking a hiatus from toking since Sept. 3rd ,2000 . This week I'll be getting my new bong from "The Shop"
    and at least an oz. of mixed "kindness" from around the world. (A few buds from here...a little hash from there).
    No.....I will not try to smoke it all in one sitting . Because as I said I believe we all should have the right to use it ,not abuse it.
    Happy -Happy
    Joy -Joy
    Peace ,Love ,and Rock & Roll
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  8. Uhmm... HI. My name's DeeJay.... And I am a Cannabaholic. :)

    Okay, so, last thursday, I bought an eighth from a local guy. Also, that same day, I got a quarter of WW in the mail. Well, yesterday the last of it was smoked. Between me and my girlfriend, we tore through all of that pot. I'm gonna take a break as well man. There is no reason all that weed should have been blazed up so fast, other than me being bored. Counter-Strike and good pot. A recipe for being a lazy sonofabitch. So, I have decided, no more toking till I get my happy ass back to work. :)
  9. I have been toking almost everyday for the past 4 years or so. It has and does work out just fine for me :) I work with tokers also even my boss is so we blaze some up on breaks and lunch...One day if it becomes too much I may take a day off...maybe :D
  10. Hay Critter, I'm with ya man.I can and do toke 24/7 but you spill an oz. of alcohol on me and the trouble begins.Stay sober and smoke more weed.
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    I was smoking way too much. I started the minute I got up.Now I am sick of the munchies so I am only smoking once a day. Now I am thinking that's too much because I eat everything in site even if I only smoke once a day. It's a real dilemma. I'd like to sell all my paraphernalia. I have way too much of everything. Too many pipes, too many vaporizers, and way too much weed. My grower keeps bringing more over . I give it away but honestly, it's a very strange problem to have. The market is so flooded around here you can't even give it away.
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  12. I have a hard time getting addicted to weed because it literally makes me feel like I'm losing my mind with racing thoughts and going all psychotic at night.. even just 0.10g of it is enough to make me feel that way for at least 6 hours .. lol

    It's good when you're bored and wanna take things in a different direction, but I can't see how people get addicted to it. . or even go to work stoned. I'll never understand that. It's a very spiritual, religious-experience kinda drug, it's nothing I would smoke at a party .. no way.
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  13. For once a thread has been brought to life again without necroing it. Bravo!

    Ganja is wierd for me. Some strains strait freak me the fuck out, panic attacks, racing heart. Same shit other people complain about. I think it has something to do with left over nutes or other chemical and harsh left over crap. That's another conversation though...

    There was a time I was working a pretty crazy technical job. Scary, dangerous and fuck ups could cost several thousand to tens of thousands. I only smoked on the weekends or if I was ill after work. There were a few times I got baked but only when it was a simple night. Even then it was a little scary and uncomfortable.

    I also worked night shift at a gas station durring the weekends. I was in one of those tiny booths. It had a small store room that doubled as a shitter. I got soooo fucking baked at that job. Gave me time to handle college and still party. That was a crazy time with far to much time on my hands.

    Now though, I'm retired. Life is so laid back that I don't feel the need to rip bong tokes all day long. I roll a doobie, smoke a third of a monster cone, then go fool around and do some lawn work or something. Walk my pooches and toke a fat bong rip before I go to enhance the ride. I'm just not needing to smoke as a stress reliever like I used to.

    I also notice my buzz has changed over the years. Decades actually. Damn, this is my thirty year anniversary as a stoner... What I have learned is that ganja is amazing to enhance a thing you're going to be doing, not so much as the actual thing itself.
  14. I wish I had some sort of negative effects so I didn't want to smoke at parties, and get togethers. Ususally parties mean snacks. I have no willpower when it comes to weed and snack foods. I have a friend and I can hardly visit her becauase she is always baking goodies.

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