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    People, I was wondering if you think there is such a thing as smoking too much? Basically I share a flat with my brother and his girlfriend and my ex and basically they're all giving me bullshit all the time that I smoke too much and it's fucking me. Basically, I smoke around a bag of around 3 grams in 2/3 days. I don't take breaks. At the moment, I'm jobless and living on my brothers generosity and benefits/savings.

    How much do you smoke? Does it effect your life in a negative way?

    I don't want to sound like a douche being anti pot so I'll say this.. I think cannabis should be legal if alcohol is. I can't see my life without a doobie. I love the greens man, I love the sticky icky too!
  2. under the circumstances for mooching off your bro...
    yes, you smoke to much.
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    You can never be too high, but you can smoke too much. When buying/smoking weed interferes with your financial/personal responsibilities, then you are smoking too much.

    You're spending someone else's money on something that's gone in a few days, when you could be saving/using it towards your own place.

    That sir is smoking too much. You need to get your life straight before you start spending all your money on herb. If you quit the weed, you'll be able to pass a drug test and get a job and then you have money for weed and a place to stay. Problem solved.
  4. if u had a job it wouldnt be smoking too much, but i kno wat ur goin through i need a fuckin job 2 its just the piss test pisses me off ill never pass that bitch lol
  5. I have to agree that if other people are supporting you, you shouldn't be smoking at all.
  6. Yes, you can smoke too much, especially if it's interferring with your responsibilities. I'd have to say you shouldn't really be smoking at all, much less an eigth in 2 days. Find a job so you can pay for your own habits. Shit, I only work 30 hours a week and only have time/desire to smoke a half-eigth a week. Though it does help that I have a very physical job so smoking before work doesn't really work out too well and it seems to make the time go by very slow.

    One thing i've learned about pot and most drugs is you should use them as a reward. It will help you cut down usage and dependency. Get a job, go to work, pay your bills, call your mother, THEN smoke a bowl.

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