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Smoking too much sativa?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Valex, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Bought 23 grams of some nice, frosty, light, hairy sativa for only $80 2 WEEKS ago.  Just weighed it and I'm down to 4 grams, going to be buying more tomorrow, but more shit quality bud. But when I smoke this all day the whole day, I feel light headed, clumsy, and almost like I need to lay down? Is this normal?

  2. I don't think that this type of weed should be smoked all day.   
  3. where the fuck do you get 23 grams for $80? Jeez that would get you an ounce of shake in cali.
  4. 23 g's of dank for $80???!!! :eek:
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    What is the downfall to smoking sativa all day every day? Will I get bad anxiety when I stop smoking?
     I live in WA State, so you can get some great prices. I just happened to get lucky through a close friend, this wasn't "dank" but it defiantly wasn't mids. 
  6. I smoke sativa every day. I have been for years. I haven't had any negative side effects or anything..
    Not necessarily, it's just not a good idea to do it all day as you seem to have found out.  
    I guess it's the same as getting burnt out when you're smoking indica all day, i'll just keep eating and drinking water. Cheers  :smoking:
  9. Oh and yes that is normal. I usually only have 1-3 sessions a day. But when I do smoke it all day I do experience similar syndromes. Nothing to worry about bro. 
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    Difficult for you to only smoke 1-3 times a day ? I could only see myself doing that if I worked full time. Only working 15-25 hours a week so I have a lot of time on my hands.
  11. Well I'm lucky enough to be a business owner. So I can wake and bake without worrying about a boss thinking I'm stoned. Sometimes after a long day of work I'll unwind with a bowl right when I get home. And I always smoke before bed to help with my insomnia.
    I don't always wake and bake or smoke right after work. Probably only a couple times a week. But I do always smoke before bed.
  12. When I first started, 55 years ago, all you could get was Sativa. The first time I tried Indica I did not like it, I still don't.
    So I would say that there's no way in Hell I can smoke too much Sativa. I'm also a MMJ user and I vape all day.
  13. You can never smoke too much weed. You can smoke not enough though.
  14. You Can Never smoke Too Much
    Weed Period!!!!!

    Please stop being complicated.
  15. Damn Lol I didnt even see this post… i said the same thing my bad (Too.high Lmao) :D
  16. I disagree! Sometimes if I smoke too much I get really anxious and paranoid, but I think I might just have a small case of anxiety. :/
  17. My friends get paranoid if they take in too much weed... I just get extra giggly...
  18. Just a heads up, there's like nothing that isnt primo stuff that is 100% sativa. Most bud is some hybrid of the two. Maybe the indica side was burning you out.

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