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Smoking To Help Stomach

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DMR921, May 8, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Woke up this morning with what I think was food poisoning, throwing up twice and an upset stomach. Anyways, I'm not looking for a diagnosis but was curious of your thoughts on whether or not smoking would be a bad idea? I've managed to keep a small amount of food down for 4 hours now, but my stomach still feels uneasy.

    Thinking I want to smoke to both hopefully remove the sick feeling but also maybe give me a little more of an appetite.. Thoughts? Obviously I'd be taking it easy on how big the hits are, no bong rips lol
  2. I have Crohn's and have quite the upset stomach on the regular. I have found that smoking does in fact help with this. It helps my nasuea and pain that are associated with my disease and improves my appetite. If you really think you have food poisoning though I would go to the ER. better to be safe then sorry. Goodluck man, hope you get better.
  3. I find smoking helps settle my stomach, but i think you should probably see someone if you have food poisoning haha, Rip it big and hold on to your stomach!  :smoking:
  4. Thanks guys for the concern to go to a doctor, I would have but I only threw up twice and was able to keep food/water down shortly after.

    Stomach has felt sensitive all day, and figured after settling down for the night I'd take a few hits and see if it helped, and if it didn't help then I'd take Benadryl and pass the fuck out. So now after about half a bowl, smoked over 45 minutes, I still feel my stomach being sensitive but it's not the main thing on my mind.

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  5. it helps with alot of stomach issues illke improving faster metabolize and just overall boosting you heal in that aspect.

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