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smoking through your nose

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ninety, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. yesterday i got my wisdom teeth out and was prescribed 7.5g vicodins. I want to smoke while im on them but don't want to end up with a dry socket and i heard it's possible to smoke through your nose. Is this true and if so how do you go about doing it??
  2. i guess you could take joint or blunt hits through the nose. It's not very appitizing. You should vaporize the weed.
  3. i was thinking about that but it's actually the suction that''s created when u take a hit off of a joint or bowl not the actual smoke itself

  4. If your going to do that make sure you do enough blow that you can't feel your nose, because something tells me that might burn a little
  5. you can smoke regularly, just when taking a hit don't suck very hard. roll a very loose joint or pack a loose bowl. try to only draw gently, and you should be ok.
  6. haha dang i guess my friends and i are the only people that do this. when were pretty high or we all wanna get ripped and we have a blunt me or my friends will take shotguns through the nose. it doesnt burn as bad as you would think and our theory is it gets you hire...ive never just straight hit something through my nose though only shotguns.
  7. yo i had my wisdom teeth taken out and didn't change my smoking at all. My friend had got his new bong the day i had them out and i smoked. I had no dry sockets, just make sure to use that water squirt thing to keep the sockets clean. Then you can use the water thing as a tool to fill up a bubbler, that's what i use mine for. Its great.

    Also if you want to be careful you can take hits to the dome(nose) I used to do that sometimes. It gives you a quick high
  8. well me and my friend just smoked and i smoked through my nose... didnt burn quite as bad as i thought
  9. Don't smoke through your nose the nerves are very sensitive and it will burn.
  10. Nose hits are good. My cousin always takes a nose hit or two when he lights up a joint.:smoke:
  11. I've taken many a shotty up the nose, never tried to actually take a hit off a blunt thruogh my nose though, I'd think that would be hard.

    If you take a shotty up the nose though it's intense, it's like an instant mindfuck.
  12. i smoked blunts and cigs up my nose like it wasnt nothin, it dont burn at all
  13. you should do a g bong you dont have to suck at all
  14. I had a friend who had teeth out have us rip a bong for him and he would just clear it, it worked well for him and no dry sockets.
  15. thats brains right there! simple yet effective. :bongin:
  16. dude i had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled at once, first thing is its not a big deal, barely hurts after and i smoked (ciggs and weed) the whole time. notta problem
  17. Does smoking through the nose actually get you higher? I feel like it might cause its closer to your brain but then I considered that weed is absorbed in the lungs so now I'm confused.
    Nasal shotguns have been good to me in the past but a hit straight to the nose could get a little too intense.

    You ought to just chug a shitload of cannabutter. Thats what I'd do, that or thc pills.
  18. my friend got a shottie the other day and used his nose. so it's plausible.

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