Smoking tea?

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  1. does it really relax you? what are the health risks?
  2. You don't smoke tea.

    You drink it.
  3. i know that, but ive heared of smoking it and that it relaxes you.
  4. I've heard that you can get high off of bananas.

    I've also heard you could high off of sewage.

    Don't you kids ever think about the fact that man has been ingesting psychotropic substances for THOUSANDS of years now? You are NOT going to stumble on some totally new way to get high.

    Get a job and buy some fucking cannabis, in copious amounts if you desire, and stop smoking tea.
  5. My friends got into a big tea smokin phase when I did it once too see how it tasted. Wasn't bad but probably not the best for you.
  6. dude, chilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll it was a question. no one should be bustin out for a fairly stupid question. inform him politely and move on, it's all good. :D
  7. I'll answer this. Yes, smoking herbal green tea can get you a mild buzz, but I think it tastes bad. If you want a cheap and legal high buy some herbs like blue lotus, damiana, etc.
  8. I'll add something to this. Yes, smoking tea will relax you. Why? It's the deep breathing your doing trying to smoke TEA.
  9. Im not trying to find a way to get high ass hole. it was a fucking question on weather or not it was RELAXING, not weather or not it could get you high. And i cant smoke weed due to probation. why dont you stop trying to find other ways to be a dick.
  10. And your going to Neg Rep me for a FUCKING QUESTION?! your a prick man. if i wanted negative rep and little bitch attitudes about it i would ask the smug little kids in my area. for the record, you fail, for being such a douche.
  11. oh, and congratulations, you gave me my first negative rep. for asking a question, that other blades may have wanted to ask. you are one fucked up dude.
  12. yea you can offbananas but youll feel the effects after 4-5 cigs lol of bananas

  13. It's somebodies special time of the month. Calm the fuck down bro. Truth is YES, smoking green tea leaves can give a very mild relaxing effect. I've done it once when bored, and yea its a little bit relaxing. Tastes kinda like Spice/spicegold IMO. I wouldnt do it again though, not much point.

    Edit: The OP didnt even ask if you can get high from tea, he asked if it RELAXES you. /sigh epic fail douche.

  14. god your a fucking asshole today. it depends on the tea. the tea i drink has relaxing herbs in it and so smoking it in a j is relaxing. its fucking science. normal green tea or w/e i dont think will do much

  15. he must have ran out of H or something
  16. the tea i drink has valarian root in it btw

  17. Becoming retarded.. Tea? Really?

  18. duuuuude that was a low low fuckin blow.
  19. Dude. As far as I know, GMT doesn't even do H.

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