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  1. Hey Guys,

    My wife really wants one of those stone roach clips. We know a couple who bought there's in Venice, and its basically just a polished stone with a design engraved on top and a hole drilled through \the center.

    Does anyone know where to get these? Preferably online? She really wants one and if I'm gonna buy one I want the coolest :)
  2. why not make one to your own needs?

  3. Well I had thought of that, and probably will at some point. The only reason I'd rather buy a professionally made one is strictly for looks. I want her to have one she really likes and has cool engravings on it. I do laser-etching but it doesn't work the same with marble.

    Heck if she could have a pink marble stone with a Hello Kitty engraved on top I'd be eating steak for dinner for the next week! :yay:

  4. We all know steak for dinner isn't the reward your looking for.

    Tobacco Products & Accessories - Smoking Stones - Hampton Pipe & Tobacco

    are those them?

  5. Haha am I that transparent??

    Thank you for the info yes those are exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately that site seems to say all their stones are out of stock. Do you happen to know how often they restock? Or should I just email the company?
  6. Look on

    I remember looking at a shop that had well made smoke stones.
  7. Thanks for all the responses guys :)

    Picked up a couple tho no girly ones. I have a glassblowing friend in Colorado I contacted and he is making the ones for my wife. Dunno why I didn't think of that before.

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