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Smoking stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thescaryhippy, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I've been stalking the city for a while but this is my first post.
    Although I've been blazing for a couple of years, I've never thought about what people think of this (other than my close friends)

    Do you guys smoke stems? Is it even smart to?
    I mean, when you're smoking some fresh bud and there's a stem or two. Do you guys throw 'em out? Save 'em for tea/edibles? Or do you just smoke 'em too? :smoke::smoke:

    And has anyone smoked simply stems? 'Cause I've done it out of desperation (they had a lot of THC on them tho). It got me pretty high tbh, it was a nice mellow "Time for bed" high. Comments?
  2. I don't smoke them. I pick little stems out of my hits. Save em' for hash. I have a couple cereal bowls full of trichome covered tiny stems.
  3. It would take me wayyyyy too long to collect that much. I can barely afford to smoke 1.5g a week xD
  4. [quote name='"thescaryhippy"']It would take me wayyyyy too long to collect that much. I can barely afford to smoke 1.5g a week xD[/quote]

    Ask your parents for more lunch money
  5. Sadly, they refuse to. At least I'm getting an extra shift a week at work now. I'm gonna take a T-break and save up for an O or some good hash
  6. [quote name='"Slurms McKenzie"']

    Ask your parents for more lunch money[/quote]

    Why was that necessary?
  7. Oh the stems that comes in the weed, I just take those out and chew em to get a little taste in my mouth that makes my mouth water lol. Its cool that u smoke em though.
  8. in my opinion, the minimal amount of thc in stems coupled with the harshness of smoking them makes smoking stems not worth the trouble.

  9. +rep, just cause you're awesome.
  10. If I save them at all I use them to make butter, with a lot more extra bud of course. If I smoke just stems I get a headache. But if its some goooooood seedless I just pop a nug in and burn.
  11. Would you guys consider chewing stems weird?

  12. That's how I started thinking about stems. When I first started smoking I'd chew the stems while I rolled. Nice flavour and I could've sworn it got me higher!

  13. haha man if you're high enough, you think anything you're doing makes you higher.
    But yeah i chew them bitches up! Never tryed smoking em with my L, might try that out.
  14. [quote name='"Delluhsion"']Would you guys consider chewing stems weird?[/quote]

    Mid stems yes... dank however not at all. They make me drool hah.
  15. if its half broken up and attached to my bud i'll just chuck it in and smoke it too but if its pretty big and looks like it doesn't have much trichs on it i'll throw it out i just wanna smoke my shit i cant be bothered separating the stems out and keeping them or whatever
  16. Ever since I read about how stems give you a headache when you smoke them, I get a headache now even if I THINK I've smoked a stem. Ugh
  17. Stems get you high....I still dont know why people say they dont...
  18. [quote name='"Ileishaaa420"']

    Why was that necessary?[/quote]

    Why was this necessary?
    You think your comments gonna suddenly make my mini heart explode like in the grinch?
  19. I smoke them sometimes, they get me pretty high. Obvious bud is preferred.
  20. Weird I do that too I thought I was the only who does it :hello:

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