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  1. So on Friday, I was smoking on some amazing girl scout cookies out of a pipe with some friends. We didn't have a grinder so we used our hands and we removed stems and so on because they said we'll get headaches. But I'm pretty sure we've smoked small stems before. But I decided to smoke a huge stem and see how it went down. So I took a hit and nothing like a harsh taste or anything abnormal. But after a while I got a throbbing headache and I was wondering, why do I get headaches off of a large stem and not small stems? And why do people get headaches off of them either way if they just have THC? Could it be something in the stem?
  2. I'm not sure the science behind it but you're inhaling the substance that causes the headache purely (and small amounts of THC) it's like difference between a beer and a shot...but in stems
  3. I understand you, but someone should really research why and how and all the whereabouts of stems. But thank you anyways :) happy smoking!
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  4. its the chlorophyll
  5. i read somewhere it causes the paranoia and headaches some people get from smoking raw flowers or stems as it where
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