Smoking Rust?

Discussion in 'General' started by Arnack, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. I recently looked on my homemade pipe (made from metal of the sort) I saw some rust inside it. Would that effect anything at all when I smoke weed in it (when flame comes intact with rust). Just making sure.. I recently got a stomach ache after smoking some weed with that pipe.. but whatever
  2. Im pretty sure smoking Iron-oxide is poisonous.
  3. Uhh, Make a new pipe man.

    Fuck that.

    Using a socket or something?
  4. oh shit. yeah, i was using a socket... I don't know what else I could use =/ any suggestions?
    (besides tinfoil because I hear that's not so good either..)
  5. dont use that anymore, go get some papers or a blunt if you cant make another one.

  6. I new socket...a chrome plated one. ;) You can buy single sockets at Canadian Tire (or equivalent) for a couple bucks each.
  7. 20 oz pop bottle, Aluminum foil where the cap goes and use a safety pin to poke holes in the aluminum foil so smoke can go through it. Then cut a hole in the side for a toke hole and there ya go.

    Aluminum foil isnt the healthiest but its healthier then that.

    Id do that until ya can get $5 up to buy a metal pipe.
  8. I need something impromptu though.
  9. Read my reply.

    All ya gotta do is use your thumb to push the aluminum foil like a inch into the bottle and squeeze it around the outside to get it 'air tight' and your good to go.
  10. Or for like $2 you can buy a pack of zigzags and have papers to last you a week or two...

    Or, you could buy a couple Honey Dutches.
  11. Alright thanks.. I think I will just make an... eww... tinfoil pipe for now =(
    but I guess better than Iron-oxide

  12. Haha, my bad...

    What KSR said would work. I've used a foil bowl on a homemade bong before.
    Or an apple pipe?
  13. get a glass pipe. it's eayser and some go for less than 10 bucks (m first one did, and it was of decent size).

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