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Smoking resin

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lokio, May 26, 2010.

  1. -Regular weed smoke still tastes like smoke, which tastes like ass.
    -resin gets me high, higher than most mids
    -taste is gone as soon as I have a drink
    -it's one or two hits, it isn't good but won't hurt me
    -I think it's good
    -I can't right now
    -I'm not a crack head
  2. what fuckin schwag are you smokin lol? i dont understand how you could ever think that chronic weed tastes even REMOTELY like resin.

    dude... what are you even talking about....

    chronic weed tastes like heavan to me, sometimes it tastes just like the cured buds smell, sometimes like different foods, the variety is huge and it all tastes good.. if its chronic.

    resin on the other hand literally tastes like tar, its horrible like shit.

    of course it gets you higher than most mids lol...

    never meant that you were in fact a crackhead figure of speech.

    you think its good? ok... cool.

    seriously have you ever smoked dank weed? how can you even compare the taste, which is amazing, to resin, which tastes like... well it tastes like resin.... the worst taste i have ever tasted..

    jesus christ.
  3. Sometimes you have to do what you gotta do to to get high....
  4. sucks for you I love smoking weed. In fact I think I might like it more than actually being high
  5. Idk about you but I take fat, fat fucking hits. I all I taste is resin anyways since there's so much smoke in my mouth there's resin on my lips, teeth, tongue, all over my mouth.

    If I take a tiny hit I can taste the weed. But I don't damage my body so I can enjoy the taste of a plant. Smoke tastes like smoke, no matter what it's coming from.
  6. if your piece is caked with resin, and you're bored, scrape it, don't feel like a fiend, unless you're like OMFG WTF I NEEDZ TO SMOKE SOOOOO BAD!

    but if you scrape ALL THE TIME..well. that's a bit overbored.

    Go for it. I like the resin high sometimes, it's different,esspeically if you smoke different strains of high-grade
  7. yeah this is the 4th time in like 5 or 6 years of smoking weed.
  8. Go for it.
    Either way, it all turns too smoke in the end.
    I don't really mind the taste or smell though...
  9. you should definitely smoke the resin. its a hell lot more than just "tar", its more like dirty hash. I just scraped all the resin from my 2ft bong yesterday. I rolled it up into a ball and mixed it with a tiny bit of bud to help it burn better. tasted terrible, but got me super high. it was the best idea ever, i cant wait till my bong gets resinated again! :D
  10. I would, why not.
  11. I like to ingest off of the herb in one way or another and smoking resin when theirs no weed is a part of that.
  12. Alright well I scraped my piece like normal then I saw that there was hardly any resin in there so I decided to roll around the hard, hash-like resin from my bowl into the watery resin from the downstem. I have never smoked the downstem resin, and when I lit it up with the jet lighter it bubbled and expanded, and tons of smoke came up from the bowl but I couldn't get very large hits. I kinda was afraid to hit it, it was so bubbly and fucked.

    If I had taken that shit in a bong I would be high as fuck right now, but either way I really wish I had weed.
  13. I smoke to get high. I can barely taste smoke, so smoking resin has never been a problem for me.

    I don't get how people feel like fiends or whatever. Many pieces have to be scraped clean anyway, so why toss out the fruits of your labor? Any negatives are greatly outweighed by the high, which I find to be heavier and more heady than the green.
  14. yea if u want to get high, smoke it. i dont think its ghetto or whatever imo. just think of it like hash butter
  15. Ah man, I remember hitting resin in my friends spoon through the carb! hahah great times. :smoking:
  16. I wasted a lot of the res, but my dealer is telling me his source is on the move. hoping to have some green in ~60 minutes.
  17. I like to smoke weed, not tar.
  18. If it was like a few days till your gettign some then i say smoke resin. But if it's tonight, just wait.

  19. I smoked the resin. But I got over 10g's now, so I'm good.

  20. Smoke it all!

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