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Discussion in 'General' started by StonerMike, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Anyone here ever tried smoking pills like vicodin, oxycontin, adderall, xanax, etc? My friend claims that smoking one vicodin will give you a bigger buzz than taking three of them. I believe him because he never lies, I have one vicodin left and I plan on trying it in a little bit. Just wanted to know what you guys know about it. Thanks.
  2. hey your from muskegon, i live about 30 min south of you in holland, crazy shit. but ne ways idk nothing about smokin vicoden
  3. NO smoking pills dont work. Pop them
  4. If he gets more of a buzz smoking them then poppin them, Its mind over matter.

    Ive smoked pills, Ive smoked vicodin too shit.

    Ive only done it real fucked up, With other peoples pills. Id never crush a pill up and smoke it shit. If i crush it, Im snortin it. Otherwise i pop em.

    But i did notice more of or at the least a different buzz after smokin pills/weed combined. Different then jus fucked up and then smokin greens only.

    But it could very well be mind over matter too, But it taste real real real harsh and aient really worth it.

    Like i said id never do iti with my own pills, I snort or pop em.
  5. yea, pretty much what KSR said. Your going to end up burning most of the hydrocodone anyways, which means you will probabaly just be inhaling tylenol. It does get you more fucked up... but idk if thats how you roll go for it. I would rather just take it and smoke some when you feel it comin on.
  6. Yeah, I just tried it a little bit ago and it didn't even work. I wonder why he told me that. He's like "Yeah dude! It'll give ya an awesome buzz dude, do it!"
    For some reason Vicodin hasn't been that effective on me lately, even when I pop it.
  7. I laughed my ass off when i saw this thread. HAHAHAHA!! You can melt them down an shoot them up, that gives you a head rush! Also, kick your friend in the nuts when you see him. Smoking "pharmaceuticals" with weed doesnt work. In my opinion percs and xanax are the only ones worth buying.

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