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Smoking Panic Attacks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Skinnyboy23, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Evening all,
    Hoping I could get a little bit of advice off one or two of the many stoners on here.
    Basically i started toking when i was 15, starting smoking green roughly every day when i was 16 till 22. In that time i experianced a few 'whitey's' and a one or two panic attacks. But just before i decided to stop any time i smoked i would start breathing heavily and noticed my heart rate was elevated...i am well aware that for some people weed does initially increase the heart rate for the first wee while after smoking a j....but it got to the point where i couldnt enjoy it because i though i was having a heart attack and because i though about it even more it then got worse haha. I would also think of the things that where stressing me out at the time and basically would just fuck up my high. I stopped for a year and im now 23. I smoked a hash joint recently and was ok for the first 5 mins and then started feeling my heart and it was fairly pounding but then just kind of relaxed and tuned into the xbox and seemed to be ok-ish...... 
    Is there anyone else who has or does suffer from anything i have described as i want to pick up smoking again maybe like one day at the weekends as its boring just getting a 6 pack of beer every weekend as its not what i used to do !
    Any help or advice would be appreciated.
    To be honest where im from we dont have the variety or freedom of what weed we get before someone mentions about strains etc. we just get whats going ;)

  2. It sounds like a panic attack but not what your use too cause you said you had two of them.  Sometimes a panic attack takes on real symptoms like if you notice your heart rate is elevated you can make that symptom worse just by realizing it  I beleive it's psychosomatic.
    Oh and breathing heavily after ingesting smoke into the lungs is common.  Think about what your doing to them by breathing in hot burnt plant matter.  If you wanna start smoking on the wkends just toke a little out of a bowl and chill get your body use to the effects of the wonder drug that is THC.
  3. why did some of this come out as bold text?????!!!!wtf
  4. ha no idea man ! weird. Appreciate the feedback, i would like to add though that i dont do bongs
    buckets or pipes like when i was younger as it hits me too hard. I just hope i dont fall into the group of not being able to toke properly again. Im pretty certain my heart rate etc has always been like that but for what ever reason it just seems that i pick up on it all the time. Or maybe its just all those years of smoking in my younger day catching up on me and it is maybe not for me now.....NOOOOO :(
  5. Nope wasn't talking about a bong rip I was talking about a few small hits outa some sorta glass pipe.  Idk if you have a g pipe but for light smokers I think it's most efficient.  Smoking off a bong can be intense but a small pack in a glass pipe can be perfect. You can pick up one for cheap at your LHS and pack 4-6 hits for two or a few for one and get mild...nuthin wrong wit dat. As far as your heart rate well..that's up to you no one knows what your truely feeling but you so if you feel your h rate is to an unsafe level by all means get help.
  6. I'll look into it man cheers. I have been to the hospital about a year or so ago to get an ecg n they said all be it I toke they couldn't see any problem and was pretty healthy....again it's probably just down to when I toke im always expecting it to happen therefore it happens.....
  7. True can perceive a high heart rate then get one.. it's all possible really puts the expression"putting your mind to it" to an extreme. 
  8. Try using a vaporizer. Hits you much more mellow compared to a pipe, joint, etc. If you can't get your hands on one then just take small hits, hold in the hit for bout 3seconds, and also try smoking less.

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  9. I know you said you don't get to pick from a variety but when you do, try to find an Indica strain. I love sativas in the morning or at parties but most of the time I smoke indicas. seems to be better for my anxiety but everyone is different.
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    Yes I think this is exactly what happening. Sorry man. Same thing just happened to me :( I can't smoke anymore because it makes me feel like shit. The pain in my joints/back/muscles gets intense after smoking cannabis now, Indica or Sativa, Hash, Bongs vaporizer etc... Nothing helps, they all hurt me and make my anxiety levels increase 10 fold.
    The best experience I've had since I started having this Paradoxical Reaction was taking two hits out of a vaporizer, or just taking tincture orally one or two drops maximum. Mild buzz doesn't seem to bother me.
    As soon as I get stoned: Heart rate increases, I feel this overwhelming sense of Dread, pain all over my body goes from minor to major, not to mention annoying. I sold all my bongs and pipes, kept the vaporizer for rainy days.
    As somebody else suggested you could also start off on really small doses and work your way up, start smoking every day again and most likely you'll feel just fine once you develop a tolerance for it again.
    But in my experience it will never be the same, having a tolerance that high basically means you won't be getting high anymore, just wasting your money. :wave:
  11. I love panic attacks!
  12. I started smoking daily when I was 19, I'm 22 now and have had 2 panic attacks.

    After the first panic attack, smoking was never the same again. I think I developed some sort of PTSD from it and have the same symptoms you have. Thinking about quitting because even sober I now have anxiety issues and have become abnormally quiet.
  13. Still not actually made my mind up to lift a joint again, been really stressed lately so becoming more tempted plus bored etc. was thinking even just hash as i can still get shit done, although the hash here is in no way pure.
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    Exact same problem, all i've been doing is trying to cut back on how much I have.. ex only 0.2-0.3g per time. It doesn't really help much, but I'm hoping I can overcome the anxiety by just riding it out and trying to remain calm and telling myself it's perfectly normal. 
    Obviously the anxiety gets worse the more I have, I don't know if it's the same with you.. but yeah stay away from pot brownies and the like.. it's horrible feeling like you're going to die and knowing you'll feel the same for the next ~6 hours.
    To take your mind off your heartbeat there's some things that'll help:
    Taking a walk really distracts you.
    This may sound weird but: bus journeys as i found out yesterday! The vibrations of the solid seat against your ass makes it too bumpy to even feel your heart.
    If you're like me when you have these issues the worst thing is sitting down - although I like to try and sit now and again trying not to move at all just to try to breathe slowly and tell myself everything is OK and it's all in my head.
  15. Yes this happens to me sometimes. I think the problem might have been that you were possibly swallowing smoke and sometimes that will give you major heartburn. I stopped accidentally swallowing smoke and it stopped so try it if you are!

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