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smoking outside

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by triplecde, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. why is it in the uk if you just had a spliff and your out with the public anywhere, if they smell weed you just get that funny look like your a druggie lol
  2. There will always be someone who gives you a funny look lol. I always get funny looks when I smoke in public. Well maybe thats because I'm in Georgia...
  3. imagine if it was 60% stoners and 40% normal folks
  4. Of course you get funny looks if you're smoking weed in a public place, what do you expect? :confused:

  5. Weed isn't really mainstream in the UK, unlike America. I actually find most older people cool with it in my area but you still get the dirty looks if you're out and about and high as fuck.

  6. i didnt say smoking in public, I meant smoking in your own private area and then going out and because the smell lingers on your clothes, especially joints, you will get the funny looks from everyone.

  7. Oh I see, sorry I misread your first post.
  8. You kinda changed the subject there...but either way who cares what other people think
    its not like they have anything exciting going on in there lives if they really care about someone who smokes a joint every now and then

  9. did i? where?
  10. The worst part about smoking outside is its so damn cold. Don't care what other people think when they see me smoke. I'll blow that shit in their faces.

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