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Discussion in 'Pets' started by quasimoto, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone here smoked out their pets?

    I have a dog, but I have never blazed with him. I really want to but he's small and has some medical problems.. don't want to do anything to hurt him ya know? But last night I blew smoke at a spider on a string (like a string out his butt) and he started to go up and down a lot and then stood still, then we left the spot we were smoking at.

    Anyone else smoke out a pet?
  2. this is against forum rules
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  4. threads about getting animals high are not permitted on the city.
  5. Its nuts that you made this thread b/c I justs smoked out my dog. A puppy gordon setter, its so badass; and high.:smoking:
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    you got a fucking puppy stoned?

    mega cool man:rolleyes:

    its quite bad for them when their brain is not even fully developed

    this thread is going to be full of lolz
  7. hell ya man all the time. i got 2 dogs and one of them can hit a bong. i just light it for him and he takes huge rips. he never coughs either. :eek:

    the other one likes it too put he cant really inhale so i just blow smoke in his face. then he runs around all crazy and shit

    good times :smoking:
  8. Article 9 - Additions:
    10. Please refrain from posting about getting animals or children high.
  9. haha half of these people are gonna get banned if mods see this.
  10. lmfao if i was a dog i would want my owner to be a smokerr
  11. smoking up animals isnt even fun its hard to do and you waste a lot of smoke that i rather be inhaling
  12. my dogs always run away when i spark the lighter
  13. hell yeah all the time. i smoke mad blunts with my dogs
  14. i get my dogs faded all the time they just kik it n lay around
  15. imagine if they made gasmasks for pets
  16. i smoke out my pet human
  17. hahahaha that made me lol +rep
  18. Read the rules. Threads discussing getting animals high are NOT allowed at Grasscity. You've had over a year here to look at the rules. Please do it before posting again. -Trikky
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