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Smoking out my brother

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Usernamtaken, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Okay so im a seasoned toker my brother is 18 and never smoked or drank or anything basically just a nerd who got bad grades in school but he doesnt do drugs or anything and i kinda want to smoke him out cause ive always wanted a bro i could smoke with so i was wondering how i could get him to toke with me, ill hide all my bud except for a few bowls an use a crappy pipe so if he rats i can toss it all but i want to know how can i convince him to try it ( yes i know im. A bad person im sorry) i wont let him do hard drugs or anythin else
  2. That's mad funny. I'm 20 and my little bro is 18 and I burn with him every day. We've been blazin for 4 years and it's awesome haha we've gotten caught 4 times and it's been rough cuz my parents are crazy strict (my dad is 72). If I were you, I would bring it up discretely and see how he responds to the topic first. After that you ca judge if he's cool with it. Maybe show him some facts about it's medical purposes if he shows genuine interest.

    Just the other day I was hangin with my little sister who is 15 and somehow bud got brought up. I never imagined it being cool with her because I felt like it would be awkward, me being 5 years older then her. It turns out she's a boss and took a few hits from a blunt with me! It was one of the proudest days of my life hahahaha

    Good luck man, stay green.
  3. I Blazed with my uncle last year on New Years eve, theres no cooler feeling than smoking with people. You see a different side of them

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