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  1. Do you ever find when you've been smoking, your mind feels a lot bigger and emptier, and you can think about things in ways you've never done before. I love how that happens, and how everything links together. You can answer any question. Problem is, you instantly forget what you thought :p

    It's impossible to describe that feeling, when everything seems possible and understandable, and you come up with all the deepest, most complicated ideas that you never would've thought about sober. But I bet you all know the feeling I mean, right? Please say yes! :p

    So, what's the deepest, most eye-opening thing you've concluded while stoned?
  2. YUP! hope that's close enough to yes for ya!! LOL :smoke: :hippie:
  3. Yes it does. =)

  4. Its amazing things seem so much simpler cause your whole mind is devoted to your thoughts
  5. ya i luv it my friend wrote six pages back and front of the night to the dot of what we did prior to getting toasted it was almost scary it was all ezakly right.......
  6. I love that feeling!! One of my favorites is talknig with one or two friends trying to contemplate the size of the universe.

  7. you can spend hours thinking about that
  8. My feelings are mutal w/ the others. I guess thats why when you get alot of us stoners together we can go in depth on any matter.
  9. THE BEST PROBABLY FOLLOWS EARNESTLY INTENT ACTIVITY ON A PARTICULAR SUBJECT, THEN PRAYER FOR MORE KNOWLDEGE, THEN YOU DOSE AND CONTINUE WITH THE MANTRA, THEN LET GO AND FIND A TRULY DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF THE SUBJECT MATTER, like from a slightly different perspective, then the MASTER (some people visualize on their own spiritual guru-LIKE MINE WOULD BE CHRIST), gives some divine spark that bind all of your thoughts together with a real serendipidous twist. My best one was when he asked me in prayer to become a WAWOD (warrior against the war on drugs) and told me I was going to the Senate to argue the case. After some argument about timing, etc., I was told that the senate would soon change hands (from Republican to Democratic control). That was wierd, really, but the wierder thing was the next morning, when I spit out coffee when I went by a newsstand and saw that overnight, JAMES JEFFORDS HAD JUST DEFECTED FROM THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Overnight, mind you.

    Now who can you talk with about stuff like that? Well, of course, since I came forward as a WAWOD, I no longer am an attorney, I have no income, my marriage is over, I am destitute, and since I need to convince "them" that I am not just an "addict", I haven't touched this stuff for like 8 months. So now, I must merely keep my eyes on Jesus, keep my faith about me, and by the way, I'm starting a church-wanna join? CHURCH OF THE PATH TO CHRIST. PAUL
  10. I've done a great deal of thinking on this subject. I've been smoking regularly for about a year and it never ceases to amaze me how the mind opens up when stoned. In fact it seems to get more and more intense since each time I do it I am purposefully looking to go on intellectual tangents. The last time I almost freaked myself out to the point where I was questioning my sanity. I thought I was onto something "bigger" than myself...I thought I had put my finger on the true nature of the universe or something. Turns out I was just really stoned. :)

    I have intellectualized this phenomenon to the point where I'm 100% convinced that smoking pot can be very useful if used thoughtfully. I know I'm probably preaching to the congregation here, but it makes me sad that more people aren't aware of the intellectual uses of pot.

    I've kept a journal for a while now, and in about 10 entries I've written about 30 pages. Someday I'll read it to see what gems I've come up with. I figure it'll make me rich, or maybe I have a few laughs when I can't figure out what the hell I was talking about! :)
  11. I feel like I think on a different level when I'm stoned. It's like a different plane than what others thnk on. Quoting scripture it's like being in the world but not of the world. It's like you see deeper or something.

    Sometimes what I start thinking about makes sense and gives me more understanding and then sometimes I realize I was just really stoned. You never know which one it will be until you think about what was going on in your head, if you ever do. Does that make sense?

  12. I like to think of it as "big picture thinking". Sure, sometimes you get caught up in details and get nowhere, but if you concentrate on keeping your mind "loose" it is much easier to understand the big picture while stoned. Non-smokers have a really hard time believing this...too bad for them.

    I truly believe that drugs have a purpose, and pot's greatest utility is how it gives us another perspective from which to view the world. It almost doesn't matter what the mechanism is that creates this different perspective, nor does it matter which perspective you think is more "real"-- simply being able to view the world from a different angle makes your understanding of the world greater by an order of magnitude. Like the difference between having a photograph of a 3D object, versus having the same object in the palm of your hand.

    I really like the conundrum that always happens when you think of something very deeply while stoned..."is this for real? Did I just come up with something really amazing, or do I just think it is because I'm blazed?" Pot affects judgment ability. This is the reason why it helps us to think deeply and get to amazing places because we're forced to reserve our highly tuned judgment abilities for later. This is also the reason why once we get somewhere, we're not always sure if it's all that amazing after all (even though we usually think it is at the time).

    While I think pot is tremendously useful, this is why it is important to develop your thinking in both a high state and a non-high state. Our non-high brains are great for judging and editing our thoughts and ideas, something that is very difficult while stoned.

    I think this idea of using substances to promote knowledge and awareness is lost on most people, thanks to the war on drugs. Now even many pro-legalization folks think of drugs as just another form of recreation. From this perspective, the war on drugs HAS been successful-- make drugs seem like just another toy, and then it's easier to supplant it with other toys (e.g. TV, movies, video games).

    Ok, I'm starting on another tangent. Will stop now.
  13. I HAVE Attention Deficit Disorder- I have taken Ritalin since 1997 for this, effective, but at night a pronounced depressive downslide. 1/3 of Ritalin "heads" gets the same thing. 15 other medications to deal with this "side effects" had their own undesirable effects, such as hypertension (with all SSRI's). A therapist, in fact, suggested pot at night (in 1998). Then I searched and found the ILLINOIS "medical marijuana" Act, and endeavored to try this controversial medication, as medication, for the first time. In 1999 I first saw the 1999 IM report. In 2000 I saw a really good law review article (Northwestern Law Review) which told how people have also noted these positive effects. Then I also saw Les Grinspoon's 1999 article echoing what some of you guys are onto, that this stuff increases introspection and self-critical analysis, etc. In 2001, the combination of these two things (Ritalin & pot) provoked a revival of religousity.

    I came forward to gane proper approval of this stuff (to save my marriage). I surmised, and stated to the powers that be that people that have ADD tend to be remarkably sensitive to cannabis (in a positive way). Now I have lost my law license (borne of and due to falsities, defamations, perjuries, total ingnorance of these things). My trial before the high priests of conformity and conventionality (the lawyer police) ended a month ago. 10 days ago, I first saw an artice enttled "Marijuana and ADD". (continued)
  14. IN THIS ADD article, it was stated that the Oregon people are considering allowing doctors to prescrbe medical marijuana for people with ADD! This is what I have been telling these people for at least 4 years! This is what I told the lawyer police at least 2 years ago! This is what I claimed in court pleadings 1 year ago! Since no doctor was or is willing to come forward to help me with in Illinois (even though I heard a guy say doctors all over are discovering this same thing 9 months ago) at least now, one month after my "proofs" are closed, I finally have something in writing! The article was written by KORT E PATTERSON, and published by "The Light Party", 415-381-4061. I will do an article about this subject and post same on my web site<>I got this from some post on (forgot when & where). PAUL PETERSON, advocate in Illinois. 312-558-9999
  15. there is no such thing as money!

    if you think about it...... :) money (the papers in your pocket) are no more than a promise from the Government that there is a corresponding amount of Gold being held in the name of the bearer of such pieces of paper. However, were I to take my $100 to Ft. Knox, knock on the door, and ask for my gold.... they would probably call the guys in the little white coats to come take me away...... :)

    So, I have decided to start my own local bartering club. Anyone in and around Indianapolis is encouraged to contact me via email at to discuss the idea in more detail. I am looking to exchange services such as housework, car work, carpenter work, ect. I am hoping that it will be the one bartering service that is mainly devoid of the exchange of "money".

  16. i remember once i got stoned and wrote all this nostalgic bullshit about spiderman
  17. When your mind spliffs open to show you the other 98% of your brain that you are not using, now that is amazing!!!!!!!!

    keep puffing!!!!
  18. I really like to talk about the afterlife,when I'm stoned I like to meditate I have a better depth on sprirituality and God.
  19. i like the thought processes that go something like this.

    starting point.
    whats beyond that?
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah! <- roughly where i break through the concept of universe.
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah! <--- this is usually where i break other peples definition of true infinity
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    and whats beyond that?ah!
    so what could be beyond that???
    .... woah! ... and dare i ask the question... whats beyond that? .... .... ... woah! and beyond? WOAH! and beyond? oh man!

    etc etc. cannabis doesn't take u to these places it meanrly allows the brain to have the ability to think of these things for itself.
  20. yeah but when you have just finished your spliff/bong or whatever you have to sit and think about how you are thinking differently. If you turn on the t.v you wont get the same effect so try and just sit outside with a friend or go ride a bike or something, then the ideas really start coming

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