smoking one for ya (half rant, half joke)

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Quite often, when something's not going well for someone at the city, I see that people write:
    "Smoking this bowl for you."

    I always wonder... HOW is that supposed to make anyone feel better? It's kinda just like rubbing their face in their own misfortune.

    "Heh, you might be dry now man, your mother might be sleeping with your best friend and the dog might be dying but hey- I'm gonna be smoking some REEEEEAL nice weed in about two seconds and having a great time. This bow's for you."

    I mean you half expect them to write back with:

    "oooohhh maaaannn shiiiiit that was good! Wow, so glad I have this really great crystal and red hair covered bud that could be used as industrial strength adhesive because it's so sticky. Thank GOD I'm not dry and my mum isn't sleeping with my best friend and fido's just fine. Heh."

    Not that it isn't a nice thought.
  2. lol,.......valid point
    maybe their medidtating to the falll outta the sky ganja goddesss (an forget to mentionn that ) while tthere smoking up for the poor soul who has none, hoping that the poor soul will get a nice bud dropped from the heavens :D
    naw ....
    hehe i know your right,an now that i think about it its kinda funny
  3. gave me a good laugh

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