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Smoking on the side of the road

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Backtrack, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I am just curious if anyone has any experience in this. Me and my buddy drive around but he always says he doesn't want his car to smell like weed (which I can respect, I mean he is my friend). Anyways, I am wondering about just pulling off in a country like area and sparking a bowl?

    Some areas around here just have like short farmer drive-ways but I just consider what if someone stopped and just wanted to make sure we were okay (busted???).

    Anyways any helpful advice, thanks
  2. Find a spot where people won't think twice about you guys being parked off the road.
    Like maybe a lake, or a hiking spot, or a nature trail or something. Preferably somewhere with a nice view that you can enjoy while smoking. :smoking:
  3. Heh, if there is any good places like that around here. Mostly just city and then going into farm land. Not many nature things around here.
  4. Park somewhere safe, lock the doors, then simply walk to a nice area away from your car to smoke. Best case scenario is you can see your car, but you're still able to dump what you need or hide if things go awry.
  5. I'd totally offer a dude toking on the side of the road some weed. :smoke:

  6. ^this. also, when smoking anywhere like that, roll a couple joints beforehand, and take ONLY those joints. That way, if the proverbial shit hits the fan, you can eat em and there'll be no evidence. Besides your intoxication :bongin:
  7. Don't let the po-lice see you eating them though.

  8. This is also key. haha

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