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Smoking on a full stomach

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bigbongcat, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. has anyone else tried this? i think it kinda kills the high for me.. i either have to shit, piss or just feel like i have eaten a cow
  2. It doesn't affect me too much.

    I just don't get half as hungry.
  3. see thats the thing though, lastnight dad and I went out and had an amazing dinner, got home, smoked, then i was hungry again knowing damn well dude, you just ate like 30 mins ago
  4. Doesn't effect me
  5. Doesnt effect me either, I had a mate that used to whitey everytime I smoked with him then I looked at him and realised one day, he was eating between tokes and making himself sick lol. That wasnt the reason though everytime haha.
  6. wow lol eating between tokes? damn
  7. I enjoy it, however sometimes i just eat more and feel sick.
  8. like im baked right now. on a full stomach and im cool.. im not full anymore.. which takes that shitty feeling away... except im really numb
  9. it helps with munchies. you wont feel it until much later
  10. I personally like eating before smoking. If I do I don't really get the munchies and I feel like I don't get cotton mouth as bad.
  11. If I eat something small, even a sandwich, I don't get the munchies after I smoke. Or it's very minor anyway. Luckily I have a lot of self control when it comes to munchies as I hate eating and eating because it makes me feel like a fat ass.

    But it definitely doesn't kill the high for me lol
  12. It doesnt kill the high for me at all. I actually usually try to eat beforehand now so I dont go out and spend over 20 bucks on food. I also like the fact that if you eat enough you dont feel nearly as hungry after you smoke which is good to me because I get very bad munchies and eating I feel like kills my high or at least some of it.
  13. i have to eat b4 i get high or else the refrigerator gets empty wayyyyyyy to fast.
  14. Feel more solid headed, strong and the fullness/comfort of food after a decent meal. Harder to get elevated then instead of a light clear mind so imo feel less high.
  15. i do after i eat myself sick because of the munchies to ease the pain lol.

    edit: hmm i should probably start eating before i smoke to negate my munchies. i guess i just want to save the food for after i smoke because it tastes so much better if i do.
  16. I really dont even think about how full I am before I smoke, it doesnt affect your high at all man...your smoking not eating something that needs to be digested in order to get high. I get the munchies really bad when I blaze, some weed makes this worse than others. If Im full before I eat I dont really get the munchies at all. Although when I smoke after I am never full (even if I am full lol), so I can eat more if I so chose too, and this can end up in a sore tummy :p
  17. If it kills your high than it is all in your head, or you have proven science wrong haha

  18. i hate the munchies even though they've helped me discover some amazing shit. like apple pie covered in chocolate syrup. so fucking good.
  19. I usually eat something before I toke. The munchies don't hit me nearly as hard that way.
  20. Haha ya that sounds a little sweet for me..but apple pie is my favourite, you just made me want some soo bad, especially caramel apple pie oh my god!. Ya I always find that when I have the munchies I have weird creative ideas making food, and when im not stoned anymore I really have to question what I was thinking although it was enjoyable at the time.

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