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Smoking, liver damage, bodybuilding, help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yyoungstunnaa, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I lift hardcore daily, take protein 3x a day, and am also on Testosterone pills (15 pills in a course of 5 days) that boost testosterone levels. I know for a fact that these pills strain my liver, and I need to drink TONS of water to help filter it out and give it a hand. I dont know the extent of the straining, but supposedly over time it takes a nice beating from these pills and Im a little concerned. Can someone tell me the facts about marijuana and liver damage and whether or not its safe to continue smoking under my circumstances? Im trying to avoid permanant liver damage as much as I can...Ive googled and searched but found nothing except arguements and unsure answers. Can someone give me the no-bullshit no-exaggeration facts, please?

    If you need to know the exact pills, they are Tren 19 Nor by Element Nutrition, containing 40mg of 19-norandrosta 4,9 diene 3,17 dione

    EDIT: according to this, It doesnt strain my liver as much as i thought.
  2. I don't think anything you inhale affects your liver, just things you ingest.
  3. Marijuana and liver damage are in no way shape or form connected...

    IVE GOT AN IDEA---How bout you stop getting big by pumping yourself full of artificial testosterone and actually just work at it like a real man? And if you have to choose between pills that you've already said "strain my liver" or a plant that chills you out and has had no reported fatalities, i would hope that it would be an obvious one....
  4. You need to look at some stuff called livercare. When i added test boosters to my weightlifting routine they reccomended that. I wouldnt do it again though, it turned me into a pms'ing bitch of a guy.
  5. uhh stop taking pills that you KNOW are damaging your liver is a start. its not the weed that will kill yah its those pills man
  6. Don't do anything to damage your liver. That stuff is crap, if your gonna juice then juice. The REAL FUCKING juice (test). But if you want to continue to damage the only liver you got then at least take some milk thistle and other liver tabs to help keep it in shape.

  7. --this guy

  8. I said straining my liver, not killing it. And thats after a full 1 month cycle, which im probably only doing 2 cycles. I didnt really ask for opinions about how I need to stop taking a test booster for mass gaining, Im asking for any idea as to if it would cause more liver problems.

    I work at it hard enough, like a REAL man. so I dont know why you're so mislead. Yeah, of course I would smoke before I take them, either way I'm not stopping either of them unless I absolutely have to which in that case I would stop the pills.
  9. Honestly I would ask a doctor if mixing weed with those things would have any effect. Either way working out naturally without all of those aids would be the healthiest way
  10. You don't need test pills....if you're gonna take those, you honestly may as well just inject roids man. I used to be a BBer. All you need is hard work, your weight in protein per day (if you're 150lbs try to get 150g) 3000+ calories and some creatine to keep your cells saturated.

    Lay off the test pills, they do more damage than they ever will do you good. Your body produces test as you work out.
  11. If you smoke cannabis it has nothing to do with your liver. food goes through your liver, not smoke that goes to your lungs. cannabis will not hirt your liver and is not bad for your body, except your lungs if you smoke it,
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    Don't take my word for it but I am pretty sure testosterone boosters like Jungle Warfare, Nolvadex, etc. don't do anything to your liver. Now if you are taking a Pro hormone such as Methyl, S-drol, d-stianzonal then yes that fucks your liver up on a similar level as steroids.

    Smoking weed has no effect on your liver.

    Oh and for everyone bashing you about taking test pills... being a lifter I understand that you hit peaks and sometimes you need that extra test to get you over the edge.

    Also buy some milk thistle, its cheap and helps your liver out!
  13. I appreciate it man.
  14. Im a competative bodybuilder myself. Unless you are taking prohormones, the pills arent straining your liver. Your fine. Just smoke, eat a lot cause Im sure you need to bulk, get a good nights sleep after you come down, profit.
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    whats your whole cycle like? are you doing a PCT?

    I would also head over to I think thats what its called) and reading as much as you can about it, prohormones are not something you want to fuck around with unless you know your shit 100%, they're basically like research chemicals use them at your own risk.
  16. 1 month on (about a bottle) then the last week I start another cycle of some natural test to get everything going back to normal, 1 month off, th
  17. According to a medical hospital, that also denied a patient an organ transplant because she was a medical marijuana user, there is no evidence that marijuana affect the live severely. This doe not mean that it doesn't affect it at all. THC builds up in fat tissue, and don't quote me on this, since you are working out in the amount that you are, the THC doesn't really have all that much space to store up, and be decomposed at a latter time. This may or may not be detrimental to your liver, I am not an expert on the matter, but this does seem like a logical answer.

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