Smoking joint in room at night

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  1. Ok so I'm wondering if it is a good idea or bad idea to smoke a joint in my room tonight. I usually smoke in my room but my dad gets mad when I do even tho he smokes in the house but should I smoke a joint in my room when he goes to sleep I don't have a window to open but I have a fan and I can cover the door with a towel and I have some air freshener and a sploof help me??
  2. u good..... i mean he already knows u smoke and youre taking the precautions.
  3. Will the smell be gone by the morning?
  4. I would smoke a bowl because less smell but hey man he already knows you smoke so that's the biggest obstacle

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  5. Make a sploof and light a candle, incense or air freshener
    Get a scented candle with a pleasant scent. Light it occasionally even when not smoking so others wont get suspicious..
    When ya want to get high just close your door (or not), take a good hit and hold. Cover the bowl immediately after hitting to reduce escaping smoke .
    Now, get your head under your blanket and make sure it touches the bed or whatever all the way around you. Exhale when ready. Wait a 10 or 20 seconds before coming out. The fibers in the blanket absorb the smoke and smell. The candle masks when lighting the bowl and the small amount that may escape when collapsing the blanket. It also provides the minds of unwelcome inquisitors a reason for smelling anything related to setting things on fire. A comforter works real well!  
    Repeat as needed.
    After finishing, blow out the candle. The smoke from the snuffed candle says to others, "nothing going on here but a blown out candle".
    I've done this with anti-weed people in the next room and with my door wide open and they've ever said a word about it. 
    Get a Magic Flight Launch Box and vape! Still, use the candle.
  7. I got my bowl tooken away by my school but I still have my bong but I don't have a lighter and I have to use matches so I thought a joint would be easier ( I wouldn't have to keep re-lighting )
  8. BAD BAD IDEA.. if you have a window just wait till they go to bed and jump out..
  9. A window is pretty crucial for the smell.
    I'd suggest hitting a pipe instead. Bongs are too loud and joints are too smokey.
  10. Just go outside for a "walk"

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