Smoking joint in my large bedroom

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  1. Hey this is my first ever post i hope someone replies quickly because i have to go in a few hours
    Im going to smoke weed in a joint today for my first time my friends are going to come over. Im going to be at home i sleep in a attack the window is quiet small but big enough to fit half my body out
    I just want to know with only my uncle n aunt upstairs do you think they will smell the smoke?
    Ive lit 7 incest sticks
    Got abit of air freshener
    And put 4 bowls of vinegar out in eacher corner
    The room slants so theirs like triangle walls
    Anyway the joints going to be really small
    We finished rolling paper yesterday so were going to scrape the foil of a juicy fruit paper or just take the tobacoo and fiter out of a cigg
    Theirs no alternative everythings set i
    Just really want to know if they will smell the budd
    Ill be in my room all night
    Also which do u think i should use blunr t or bubble wrapper joint?
    -also not alowed out
    Hope someone repliess soon thanks

  2. Relax with the underlines man haha

    As far as the smell goes I'd say it really depends on the potency of your bud. If you've got some regular old mids, it should be concealed just fine. Cover the crack at the bottom of your door with a towel. If you've got some dank however, they might smell it. I remember one time I was toking on some Girl Scout Cookies in my room, I took a single hit from my friends bowl, came out an hour later to my mom instantly questioning me about the smell haha.

    Also I wouldn't smoke out of a juicy fruit paper lol, not positive but that doesn't sound like it would be very good for you. Regardless, good luck yo!
  3. Lol haha yeah ima smoke outa a blunt since its already rolled its pretty good weed i can opened it after i got it n the smell was in my room for 2 days The attics quite big and high up theirs no cracks
    N ive got incence
    Vinger bowls
    And a open window to cover it
    Do you think thats b enough concidering ppl only go up there once in a few hours
  4. It sounds like you're taking enough precautions that you should be just fine, if anything try blowing the smoke directly out of the open window. Or make one of those sploofy things, which is basically just dryer sheets on the end of a toilet paper tube. Never tried it myself but I've heard it's great for hiding the smell. When you're done, spray that air freshener all around, especially on pieces of fabric like curtains and such.
  5. Make a sploof and blow out the window. Get a toilet paper tube and stuff 4 dryer sheets inside. Exhale smoke thru sploof, out the window.
  6. If you light a joint while you're in the room, whether you're at a window or not the entire room will smell for at least 30 minutes. Get a vape. They're a lot more discreet. I got one for 100 bucks off ebay. Flowermate 5.0 or something. Plus you can save the AVB for edibles or even joints/bowls if you're desperate. There's mixed opinions but I've tried it myself and I got high off it

  7. This dude put out vinegar bowls lmfao

    Well dude, a joint is the smelliest option (it's constantly burning).... I'd recommend a pipe and a sploof

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  8. Joints an sploofs are pointless.

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  9. Those incest sticks tho

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  10. All I got from this is that you're going to attack your aunt and uncle with incest.
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  11. Let's see he's using juicy fruit wrappers to roll a joint and is not allowed to go out so he has no other choice. I'm going with the OP is an adolescent
  12. go outside a joint will always smell
  13. Lmao, 7 incense sticks and 4 bowls of vinegar.....

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