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Smoking Indoors

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tmgrg, May 22, 2013.

  1. So I'm back with my parents for a couple of days at the weekend and I know for certain I can get a free house for a good couple of hours - an hour minimum. 
    Usually I'd go outside, have a walk, listen to music etc. while I smoke, but we've got really bad weather forecast. So my plan is:
    Smoke an apple pipe in the bathroom with the window open using a sploof and putting a coin or something over the bowl after each hit. Then spray deodorant and take a nice long shower (cause that's always nice while baked). 
    My question is, will the smell be completely or almost completely gone within an hour or two? 

  2. You should be fine but if you're in the bathroom utilize the exhaust fan too.
  3. Get a empty toliet tissue cardboard and put dryer sheets into it ..blow smoke into and it will work wonders watch lol
  4. Alright, I'll try it then. Thanks :smoke:
  5. #5 MoonSpirit, May 22, 2013
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    I always smoke inside and it's never ever detectable even when I JUST toked. What I did was get an empty plastic water bottle, cut off the bottom half and stuff a whole bunch of dryer freshner sheets in there, as well as a piece of cloth for extra blockage, and then seal it with a sock. You stuff the sock in there, and then get the outer part of the sock to wrap around the outside of the bottle to seal it all in. I then hairsprayed the end of the sock and also put some perfume on it. So when I blow smoke into it (through the small cap side of course), the smoke comes out the other side but it smells like air freshner lol. I also cough into too and it actually softens my coughing (so people can't really hear me coughing mysteriously lol). 
    I also spray hairspray around my room, as hairspray magically blocks all odors.  :hello:  :smoke:
    Of course this only works with a pipe or bowl. A joint or blunt will def be detectable lol -//-
  6. Steam up the room with HOT water from the shower. Then let that steam escape AFTER the sesh. It will help. :)
    Aka. HOT B[]xing  :bongin:
  7. pack multiple small bowls to reduce the extra burning and odor coming off, aslong as it gets blown out a window youll be fine :)
  8. Take a giant shit beforehand, smoke, shower. They'll avoid it completely.
  9. Use a sploof dawg!! Put a wet towel under the bathroom door while you smoke, you'll be straight in 2 hours.
    Remember to remove towel before anyone sees it so it doesn't cause any kind of suspicions, XD stay safe :bongin:

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