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Smoking in your room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chakada, May 11, 2011.

  1. People from the UK seem to have really mellow and nice lives, at least from what I've seen. It would be cool to go there some day.
  2. Not for shit mate. This place is the asshole of the planet. Weather is always shit. Governments corrupt as shit. But I've been smoking every day for two and a half years and never had a run in with the law. America seems so much more chill. Plus in the UK you have these things called "Chavs" which just smoke weed to get wrecked. They don't look at it like normal stoners do. So whenever you want to get weed you have to go to the council estates to pick up.
  3. I sit on my couch and blaze down. Or in my kitchen, dining room, porch, wherever I want. Freedom is golden.
  4. this
    i vape my mflb in my room all the time, it smell a bit but not like weed weed
    so I wave my hands to move it around and its gone:smoke:
  5. You can smoke freely when you have your own place
  6. Hey, there's always peaceful, basically free of corruption Australia. :smoke: It's the closest we've got to utopia in the English-speaking world imo.
  7. yeah smoke in your room fuck it
  8. I vape in my room

    I'm so high I don't even know I vaped
  9. I'm glad I have an attic door off the side of my room that I can just walk in and smoke no problem. And my parents never go in there, like ever.
  10. Window smoking 101:

    Towel to the bottom of door (better if it's wet)
    Sploofs do help, but often disrupt the bonging or piping process, which inevitably just leads smoke into your room anyways. If you're good at it, though, it will only smell like dryer sheets. Just make sure you cap that shit afterwards.

    When I lived with my Mom, it was more or less, hide behind a curtain in the window, take a bong hit, then rush the bong into a plastic bag and seal it, spray some axe and have a cigarette.

    I've never been caught smoking weed indoors. I was caught smoking cigarettes many times in the past, though. Cigarettes just overpower the weed, unless you hotbox your room, then you're very well fucked.

    It's best to do the window if you know for certain that no one will enter for at least 15 minutes. You can probably do a 10, but just to be sure.

    In any case, it's better to just go outside and deal with that sketch, and to be respectful.
  11. aight man. im 21 years old. my girlfriend is 22. weve had our own place but shit got rough. now we live with my parents. both of my parents know we smoke. but the agreement is, that when my little brother is home. i have to be extra carefull and make damn sure he doesnt catch on. we been here 6 months now at least...
    i light my room up all day everyday. keep a window cracked. and the ceiling fan on. and the smell has never exited my room. i guess it would depend on your carpet and how big the opening is at the bottom of your door. but my opening is about an inch and a half after we removed the carpet. just take a few steps to make sure your smoke is not building up. and remember. you dont have to smoke the entire house up to get lit.
  12. It always smells. I use a sploof and Febreze Hawaiian Aloha (a godsend). Don't bring your shit out until you're ready to toke, and always pack it up when you're done. That way the bud won't stink up your room, especially if it's dank. My mom has come knocking not 20 minutes after a sesh and she couldn't smell a thing. Hell, neither could I!

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