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Smoking in your room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chakada, May 11, 2011.

  1. Straight up like in that 70s show no complicated doob toobs just open a window and then like spray oust I still live with my parents and i just want to blaze with friends in my room and enjoy the atmosphere have any of you ever done that no doob tube no complicated system i really want to do this but i dont want to get caught what do you guys think any tips:smoke:
  2. theres nothing I can really say...
    Your room and the rooms around it will reek of smoke if you hotbox your room.
    Blow your hits out the window and get retarded parents...
    Or if your parents or you smoke cigarettes your house your good.
  3. I would have the window open and a fan blowing air out but i dont want to be blowing air out of it or useing a doob tube and id have the crack under the door covered and then after i would sit there for a little chillin with my friends and then i'd spray some oust light a candle or something and just chill
  4. Here's one tip, that will probably save your ass.

    Find a spot where you know for a fact your parents will never find/stumble across. Don't ever get lazy, keep all your smoking paraphernalia in that spot. Doesn't matter if its been a year since you smoked in your room, don't forget to keep your stuff in that unfindable spot. Your parents will decide to clean your room for you one day.
  5. Shit dude, hotboxing your room will stink for hours if you don't have any windows open. If you didn't allow any ventilation, I'd say you would be able to smell it the next day. If you open at least two windows and have a fan blowing the smell will be gone in much faster. Having spray always helps too, just some febreeze or even lysol.

    Theres no way to get rid of the smell, if you're tryin to hotbox a room with your parents in the house they'll smell it.
  6. Are you seriously contemplating taking an idea from a TV show?
  7. Umm yes and no i didnt get the idea from the tv show i got it because im lazy and dont want to leave my house i used the show as a point of reference so that people can grasp the concept of what im going for here im not just doing this because i saw it on tv
  8. Hey i have smoked in my room with out geting caught but i dont recromend it but here is a funny storie. Me and my friend where smoking in his room and his mom came home a she opened the door and wated some of the weed we where smoking
  9. You have a few options.

    1. Smoke with your friends, get caught and get punishment from your parents.

    2. Get a job, move out.

    3. Not hotbox, just smoke with windows open and a fan going. You wont get as high as if you had hotboxed, but you should still be high.

  10. [​IMG]
  11. Coming from a guy who smokes in his room every night, it mostly depends on where you are situated in your house.

    For example, my room is in the basement while my parent's is upstairs, so that is the biggest why I smoke so much in my room.

    Also, blow the smoke out the window, and don't forget to spray down. Or burn incense while you smoke.

    Happy tokin :smoke:
  12. Everything you see on tv is factual
  13. Well I dont know dude, I used to smoke in my room all the time back in the day, but I didnt give a shit either. Plus my dad would come in and be like "let me hit that shit" Lmao
  14. Thats awsome if my parents caught me theyd freak
  15. I was lucky when I first started smoking all we did was smoke in my room it was the best times I've ever had smoking...and not having to worry about the smell or hiding shit just made it all the better.
  16. If you have a window to open you're golden.

    Making a spoof wouldn't hurt.
  17. Then don't do it.

    You are going to get caught if you don't use something to filter out the smell.

    Act like a grownup, you are supposed to be over 18, and realize that some things should just stay in the idea phase...this is one of them.
  18. I used to smoke out my window in my dorm. They were crazy strict. I used to make the things with dryersheets and a toilet paper roll to blow smoke through. Crazy shit. I was just too lazy to go for a walk on campus... :smoke:

    Sorry if that was fucked. I'm at about an 8/10 right now. xD
  19. I just open my window, cover the crack under my door, and don't let any smoke come off the bowl. Once I light the bowl, i cover it with my lighter, and then once I'm done hitting it, I put it right out with the butt of my lighter. Then I ghost the hit. My parent's room is right next to mine and I never have a problem.
  20. Are you kelso?

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