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smoking in your car.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by danknuggery, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. ive seen alot of threads about people smoking in cars and getting caught or stinking them up really badly, since i smoke in my car sometimes i thought i might give some tips for newer smokers who want an easy way to smoke in a car and not have it smell or get caught, my dad is a police officer and he drove the car i smoked in last night and had no idea that id smoked two good sized bowls in it. if you have your own car and don't give a fuck about smell, then this probably wont help you very much, unless you're looking for ways not to get caught.

    extremely easy method to smoke in a car and not get caught.
    1.Location: for this method almost any location will work. i like big parking lots, i use the one at my gym, or the very back of the parking lot at the restaurant i work at.

    2. Speed, smoking fast is your friend. use a pipe. i know people love bongs, bubbler's etc... but they need water and don't lend themselves to speed toking. my trusty pipe has never let me down. when you're going to hit it, duck down and light it for the shortest amount of time possible.

    3. smell: the way to avoid smell is too let as little smoke get into your car as possible. this means; if your pipe cherries, use a finger to put it out. don't let smoke drift up from the bowl as this will stink up your car. blow your hit out the open window, preferable when noone is around or looking. ghosting the hit will produce less smoke and hopefully get you higher, all while aiding stealth. as long as all the smoke goes out the window, you really dont even need to worry about sprays or air fresheners. just drive with the windows down for about ten minutes and your car should completely air out. if you're really paranoid, go ahead and get some spray and you'll be even safer.

    4:Hide everything! wrap your pipe in a small towel, stash it somewhere that it wont stink up and is out of sight. i hide mine under a back seat. make sure all your weed is out of sight and smell too. if you get pulled over and something is in plain sight a police officer can search you and thats no good for anybody.

    5: use some common sense. if you see any fine officers of the law, choose a new spot or parking lot. if they're are people around with children, go somewhere else. if its broad daylight, don't smoke out in the open. i don't know how many people ive seen get busted for a sheer lack of any common sense

    6.Know you can drive stoned. if you're unsure of your stoned driving abilities, be careful. you're going to be very ripped driving around and if you're not careful that could equal a lost license.

    here are some more pointers
    -Smoke with the windows open. i roll mine down all the way.
    -when smoking in a car use something easy to hide. Pipes being the best option, chillums and other one hitters work great too. bongs can work, but tend to smell and are harder to hide, need water etc...
    -avoid blunts and joints. although they leave no evidence (flick that roach out the window), they will by far smell the most, and produce the most smoke, both of which you probably wont to avoid.
    -dont hotbox, sure its fun, rolling around with some music bumping and a blunt in your hand, but this is probably the most likely way you're going to get caught, and your car is going to stink like none other.
    -if you do have to hotbox, go somewhere very secluded. remember if a cop finds you, you're going to smell like bud, your car is gonna smell like bud, and you're mostly going to have more bud on you and if you're in a vehicle this=you in handcuffs. so go somewhere out of the way. i know in my town there are spots way out in the county where you can go, park and not see a soul for hours, the perfect way to blaze if you cant at home.

    hope this helps some up and coming stoner's with smoking on the go. it may not be the best method in terms of safety, but its more than do-able. just use your brain and have some fun. blaze some Buddha!
  2. dont smoke with your air on either. it will get caught in the filter and it wont ever go away. and it sucks.
  3. yeah, i leave my car off cause im parked when i smoke. if youre rolling around this is good advice.

  4. Everyone always says that to me when i'm hotboxing in the summer with the A/C on, and i'm like nah man, never happens.

    Maybe its because I drive a Volkswagen :eek:
  5. I just go with it. I smoke everyday on my way to work and on my way home. I figure the more shady you act about something, the greater the chances are that you will get caught. Cops look for people who are acting like they have something to hide. I am slightly more careful now then when I was a kid. But I've never been arrested, not even suspected. And I've been smoking almost 10 years.

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