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  1. Hey guys I'm new here and this is my first post. Also I'm a complete newbie smoker. I have only smoked about 5 times. I love smoking weed, and I want to do it more. How do I do this, I have extremely strict parents and if they ever caught me it would be really bad. What's the likeliness of getting caught if I smoked in my room? It's on the top story of the house, my parents room is just one over though. If this is a bad idea could you give me better suggestions? So far I've only been able to smoke in my truck once in a while. Thanks guys
  2. Do it outside the smell should be gone if you change clothes, brush your teeth, and wash your hands you will be golden. Just hide your shit good and you'll be fine.
  3. Breath strips, eyedrops, A pipe that you can snuff with a coin so you don't have a bunch of smoke escape literally place the coin onto it while you're still hitting and press down as you finish and hopefully you minimize the amount of smoke escape use a exhale filter light a scented candle

    To build and exhale filter you need to go to the dollar store or whatever your local equivalent is and get feminine pads and aftershave and duct tape and then buy a soda for the walk home like a 20 ounce bottle when you get home cut the bottom off the bottle and start welding up the maxipads as strips until it fits up into the bottle through the bottom that you cut off Poor aftershave through the top of the bottle to saturate said roll add a further roll under the 1st roll under roll should be non-saturated next completely cover the bottom of the bottle with duct tape to plug it and stop the shit out of the bottom of the bottle with a fork to diffuse the exaust
    blow through the mouthpiece of the bottle blow all your smoke through it and it won't smell
  4. Don't smoke in your room. Weed smell is so strong and easy to spot if you know what it is. So I would say it's a giant risk to smoke inside your bedroom if you dont wanna get busted.
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    What I did was place a towel under my door with a window open. I would just smoke a joint out of the window and after I took a hit, i would hold the joint outside. I've smoked cigarettes like that too. Also, Ozium is the best air freshener, since one spray and the smell of mostly anything is gone. Good luck man. Also, pre-roll your joints before your parents come home or at a friends house, cause of you grind any weed in your room, the smell will linger for quite a while.
  6. odds of being caughy are very high if your parents are familiar with what weed smells like

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  7. I have a similar situation as you my friend, Im 24 and I live with my parents,
    If you want to smoke, just wait till your parents leave and smoke in a secluded area in your backyard.  Keeps you hidden and allows time for the smell to go away.
    Be nice and patient with your parents while you live with them.  It will pay dividends! They wont suspect you of it.  That and it just helps family ties!
  8. In your bedroom, light and blow out a scented candle a couple times. Then relight it. Then take a nice, big hit being careful to cap the pipe quickly and minimize escaped smoke. Now here's the important point. Exhale under your bed covers. Comforters are thick and work real well! The covers act as a filter and the little that escapes is masked by the candle stench.
    If they ask you wtf, just tell them you lit the candle to see if you like the smell. They won't know unless your eye are all fucked up or you act like chimp. Fuck, I've done that with the door open and an unfriendly family member right in the next room and they never knew. And they used to smoke!!  :metal:
  9. Yeah smoking inside is very very risky. Just wait until night & just go outside and chill. Take a walk to somewhere quiet & toke up. Much safer & plus nature and trees while you're stoned is heavenly

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  10. Just go outside/ take a walk. If they r right next door then they will smell something

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  11. It smells more than you think. I used to blow it way out the window and I would still get my mom banging on the door lol. She was a bloodhound growing up though, always caught me haha.
  12. When you start smoking it seems like the end of the world if your parents find out. But that day comes for everyone and 99% of the time it's not as bad as you think it's gonna be.
  13. Place towel under door , open window and turn on a fan i have a vent i close it so no smoke leaves my room

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  14. I have smoked in my dads house because our bedrooms are in seperate parts of the house. But i got some sense into me and realised its not a good idea. He doesnt know that I do it and that is not how I want him to find out. Now I just wait til he goes to sleep and then I go out in the backyard where there are no windows. I am pretty lucky because he works away monday-friday so I just have to worry over the weekend.

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  15. But a cheap 50-60$ vape. Or If you're careful you can load one hit into a bowl at a time, take all the smoke & then blow through a spoof.
  16. There's probably 8,302,556 posts with this exact title and wording on grasscity. Not to be a "hater", but dude...just type into the fucking search bar.
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    Put a blanket underneath your door, buy some inscents.. Smoke your dope. Parents ask why there's a blanket underneath your door, say because the inscents are very strong and you didn't want to, idk "disturb" them.. Trust me, they WILL cover the smell right up
  18. Except when your parents smell the incense they will think you're smoking pot and the blanket under the door will remind them of how they used to try and hide the smell when they were your age.  We weren't born yesterday you know
  19. Lol, I guess my mom was just not so uptight..
  20. Man...

    Eventually they will catch on bro, it's inevitable.

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