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Smoking in your bedroom and living with rents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sky Lucas, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. This always seems to work with me, I spray some axe, turn the AC on, sit by the window pack about 2 huge hits into my spoon, blow it out my window, put everything away asap

    do you think the smell lingers for long? I havent had anyone walk in on me so I cant tell :smoking:
  2. oh it 18 stil live with my parents and have done it so many times in the past few years. and have been good. i do exactly what you do.

    most times i dont use a sploof but i figure why the hell not just to be extra safe? and i have been and im really sure it does work.

    your room probably will smell a little bit after btw. especially by your window. just spray some axe down turn on a fan or ac and your good. even if they walk in immeddaitly after youll be fine.
  3. 1. Don't spray axe
    2. Pack one-hitter bowls, hold the hit in for 5 seconds, blow smoke straight out the window.
    3. The smell doesn't linger if you do it this way.
    4. Get higgggggggh
  4. man idk. i disagree with your number 1. spraying a LITTLE bit of axe should be done.

    i mean you know it will mask the smell and afterall it's summer time. if they walk in and are like wtf why does it smell like axe? you can be like i was sweating and its hot outside....

    i'd still spray axe. just to be safe.
  5. Take a quarter and place it over the bowl after each hit to put the amber out and clear your pipe once more to take all the smoke out. Hold that hit and blow through the sploof. Repeat this process while cornering the bowl and you'll be good to go. Just need to turn the fan on after with the windows open.

    I'm actually doing that a little later to Family Guy, :smoking:.
  6. When I lived at home I just opened the window and put my bed against the door. I blew all smoke out the window then sprayed febreze I don't want my whole room smelling like axe. I usually did this at night and left my window open all night so I know the room was totally aired out.
  7. You can do it and get away with it, but why the fuck not just walk out side?

  8. good point, but who is going to be sweating outside in the middle of the night? or in the early morning?
  9. Oh and clear the bowl in one hit. Don't smoke joints or pack fat ass bowls just pack it and hit it. Its not the time for smoke tricks and shit like that. Also don't get sloppy every time I have gotten caught its because I stopped caring started being reckless stay on your toes.
  10. its real quick, I take 2-3 massive hits then hide everything lol, then repeat again if I feel like

    if anyone knocks I just say Im sleeping lol
  11. I just use some incense for the smell. My parents dont know what weed smells like, and if they ask I just say it's incense.
  12. Just dont exhale you'll be fine.
  13. You can do it, however I am not suggesting you do unless your parents don't mind.
  14. true man. unless he doesnt have ac or something it could work. lol thatd be a funny excuse "why does your room smell like axe" "i reaked like a fucking pig mom"
  15. i dont use axe i use cologne so if my dad walks in and he smells it hell no im up to something.

    but, he doesnt care that i blaze so its all good
  16. #16 gman7104, Jun 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 23, 2010
    It works, but you have to make sure none of the smoke goes into your room, not even the smallest stream. The first thing to do is check to see how the ventilation works in your room, aka is the air moving in or out. I did this by closing my door almost all the way and seeing which way the air naturally pushed it. If the air is coming in, you might want to use a window fan or something because trust me, smoke will come in with the air. If it's going out, open the screen and stick the bowl out the window a little (at least past the inside frame) and stick your head out to exhale the smoke. Also cover it after each hit, obviously.

    remember that air moves from warm to cool. I've noticed that in winter, air travels nicely from the hallway through my room out the window. In summer however, it does the opposite, which is annoying because I have no window fan. Therefore i've had to not use my AC until after I smoke, which works fine for me anyway. The air still goes the wrong way, but it's not as bad.

    Oh, and always inhale and exhale 3 or 4 times after your hit out the window. Trust me, some smoke stays in your lungs because you can't exhale all the air out of your lungs at once.
  17. Get a paper towel roll. (usually 2-3 times longer than toilet paper rolls) And stuff it with a shitload of Dryer Sheets. Shit works. At one end take a cloth and rubber band it on around the hole so the sheets don't fly out. When you take a hit, simply blow the smoke into the roll.

    Or you could get a blanket and roll it up and blow your smoke into that.

    Or you could gouge a hole into your closet door and blow your smoke into your closet.

    Or you could toke in your closet.

    Or you could toke in your car.

    Or you could blow the smoke under your bed.

    Or you could blow the smoke into ____Insert porous object with high volume here____
  18. For those smoking in their rooms and must be quick. I highly recommend a gravity bong for this. 2 hits from a gravity bong get me high as fuck. Its a nice quick and easy way to get extremely ripped and you also conserve a lot with gravity bongs.
  19. bush-laughing1223057795.jpg


  20. Or you could blow the smoke out the window.

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