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Smoking in the winter vs summer?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by driving, Oct 8, 2014.

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    Which is best for you? Why? I, personally, love the feeling of smoking in winter

  2. I love smoking in any season but end of fall beginning of winter is best.

    Rainy days are fucking awesome, I would sit out in the patio or balcony with a chair, hot coffee, cigarettes and a bong. Whenever it starts pouring heavy, I'd take fat ass rips. When lightning and thunder roars when you exhale you feel like a god.
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    Summer in Australia is the best it gets here.
    Beaches, barbecues, night clubs and house parties.
    I enjoy smoking a j while walking along the beach. It's windy enough for nobody to notice the smell.
  4. i love winter and being all bundled up n shitt.. it barely gets to "hoodie weather" here tho..

    but yea i like smoking during winter better, i usually try to make it a point to go smoke outside when it does get cold. theres just something about chilling outside and breathing in that cold crisp air in between hits
  5. Fall and winter are the best, a lot of good memories blazing all day being snowed in back in the East Coast.
  6. My favorite time to smoke is during a snow storm. Nothing like the sweet taste of mj & beardsickles 
  7. Fall and Spring.  We really don't get a Winter in FL so I really cant speak on that.  But Fall and Spring down here the Weather is cool enough to really enjoy the outdoors. 
  8. I'm Canadian.   Fuck winter.
  9. I usually like smoking in the winter out on my balcony with a cup of coffee (morning) or a cup of hot chocolate (night), but that was when I lived in North Carolina and it didn't get down below 15F. Now I'm in Finland, and it supposedly gets down to -30C... Soo we'll see how that goes.. It was also always nice to take a walk around the lake during the summer and smoke a j

    Happy toking!

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  10. Winter is incredible. That wave of heat when you come back inside and make a coffee... :laughing:
  11. Winter is good time for flowers.

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  12. Fall and winter! It's too hot during the summer to smoke outside in Florida.

    Stay Positive, Stay Based..
  13. Winter. 
    Smoke on mountains, then snowboard down them.
  14. Arizona here. Fuck Summer.
  15. My favorite time is fall. Hoodie weather, turbo weather. The high feels different, it doesn't last as long but is more intense for me.
  16. I fucking love smoking around a fire in the winter, especially in the woods with nature surrounding you.  trippy :hippie:
  17. winter cus snow bongs duh
  18. Dude you gotta smoke in Alaska between like March and September..... being stoned and watching the northern lights would be quite the trip for you. So i guess the summer time but you gotta be in AK. Smoking during the winter can also be pretty awesome especially if there is a blizzard 
  19. smoking outside in general is awesome but last winter in NW FL we actually had a lilllll bit of snow and white frost on the ground. Was tight walking around campus baked as fugh realizing Im a part of history!
  20. For some reason I just love the feelin of rolling a J outside on a cold canadian winter night. Feels good

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