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smoking in the bathroom...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by waterhurley, May 14, 2010.

  1. ok so im 22 and live with a couple buddies. i have a group of friends that all live within 1/4 mile (its a large apartment complex) so anytime we wanna smoke its just a small walk to someones apartment. now i have only been living here since february and all my friends still go to college (im done and work full time).

    now there are 4 of us who get together every night when i get home from work and we all smoke up (99% of the time at my buddies place cuz he has the chillest set up). we usually smoke 1-2 blunts a night and we usually roll 1-2 grams in each. EVERY NIGHT since i moved here and became friends with these guys we ALWAYS smoke in the bathroom. now the bathrooms here arent too big here so its always a hotbox session. now we are between the ages of 19-23 and sometimes it feels like were tying to smoke hiding from our parents or something.

    now every time i blaze in a group or alone, its always in a bathroom. last night we were puffin on a gotti rolled up with an 8th in it and we were talking about it. we are living the best years of our lives just chillin, smokin, eating and playing xbox. made me never want to get older.

    my question to you guys is how many people still smoke in their bathroom? (as in not hiding it from anyone, just chillin and puffin)
  2. i just smoke everywhere and anywhere i want. boxing a bathroom is nothing out of the ordinary :hello:
  3. I ALWAYS smoked in the bathroom... That was until I got a vaporizer. Now I sit in my living room and vape. :hello:
  4. When I'm at home I smoke in the bathroom when I can't go outside. I can't leave a smell and blowin snaps into the bathroom fan is the best method I've found so far.
  5. I've never done it and I probably won't have the chance to for some time but it is definitely is something I would love to do with friends!
  6. Vacuum cleaner. Taken from Next friday

    Bathroom boxin is nice, but it gets kinda "musty" and hot
  7. I cover the schools bathroom smoke detector :hello:

  8. Not Cool.

  9. it does get hot and stuffy with 4 people crammed in a little bathroom but man we get so lit.
  10. I don't smoke in my bathroom. I usually smoke in my room , or do blades.
  11. lmao i totally do this,
    i love hotboxing, i usually smoke in my bedroom though. i love just sitting sitting on my bed with my bestfriend and ripping my beautiful hellen keller.
    this is so random, but as a girl i have seriously peed and hit my bong, numerous numer numerous times.
    idk sometimes i'll be going to fill her up with water, and i'll have my tree with me, and i have to pee and my bong is then in my hand, so i pee, and pack a lil bowl hit it, wipe wash and go. hahahaha. :smoking:
  12. me and my rommates live in a 4br house, and we turned the master bedroom closet into our hotbox room, we had pillows and chairs, couch cushions, a TV(small LCD), and a small sound system. We had a PS2, SNES, and Xbox hooked up to it, we would all be chillen downstairs then just run up there, get food, drinks, and lock ourselves in for hours, was soo much fun.
  13. same here
    i do it in my room tho not the living room but same concept lol :D:smoking:
  14. I'm 24 bro , I still go into the bathroom to blaze sometimes. My girl friend makes me smoke larger jays or blunts in there because she says it fills the entire condo with smoke if I don't, not that she hates it, its just easier to have it all gathered in one place. I've never minded it. :bongin:
  15. Ive hot boxed bathrooms with 5 people for a 20 minute sesh...It gets smokeyyyyyy

    And this bathroom is literally 5 by 6 feet. Just shower and toilet
  16. Next time youre with a few friends and you feel like hot boxin the bathroom, turn the hot water on in the shower while you are toking. By the end of your sesh, everyone will have to put their face on the floor to get oxeygen. Me and my buddies always called it a typhoon. Lol
  17. um i smoke in my room and all over my house. i chill at my one friends place everyday and we can smoke anything and do anything there. and i normally smoke when i drive. never for work though

  18. ive done the same thing while taking a shit. sometimes im in there for 20 mins so not only is it 'air freshner' but it also passes the time haha

    the bathrooms here arent much bigger, floor plans say 7'x7' and weve crammed 8 before. got very hot and stuffy quick with 8 heads. (2 people had to sit in the bathtub lol)

    i do that alone usually. i usually smoke before i get in the shower so ill start the water and smoke up while it gets all steamy. i notice that by the time i get out of the shower it doesnt really smell
  19. #19 oldskoolgrower, May 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2010
    The only places in my house where I don't smoke are my growrooms. I don't know man, smoking in only the bathroom seems very weird to me :confused_2:

    Just sit on the couch and chill.
  20. when I first went to college 3 years ago me and my buddies had the same set-up. There were six of us that lived in the same apartment complex so we had different places weekly. We smoked in the bathroom only if we were smoking a joint or blunt or just go on a space cruise. Now I gots my own crib with me and my girl and I smoke wherever the fuck I want hah fuck room mates! (unless it's a chick that you can fuck)

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