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Smoking in the bathroom

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by coleslaw29, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. So I know this question is asked a lot on here, but for this specific situation I'm gonna ask. My bathroom is pretty small, and I was just gonna turn on the shower and get my bathroom all steamy, then pour some body wash or shampoo on the bottom, put towels at the bottom of the door,and smoke up. I'm gonna be smoking out of my pipe. My parents are asleep but they already know I smoke and they don't really mind, it's just I don't feel like having my entire house smelling like weed. I'm only gonna pack small hits in my bowl, but the shit is really dank. I have a sploof. My bathroom has a small vent on the floor for heat and I was just gonna cover it with towels. So my question is, is my whole house gonna smell like dank or should I go through with it?
  2. Snorkel the smoke into your toilet and flush.

    In all seriousness
    The whole house is going to smell if you smoke in it. Just go outside billy.
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  3. yes the smell will go in the vents and pretty soon your entire house will get a mild smell of weed. but it obv depends how much weed your going to smoke
  4. Yeah I only plan on smoking about a bowl, but like I said only packing like one hit at a time. I just wanna smoke a little before I wind down and go to bed
  5. how big is the bowl going to be? 0.2? 0.3?
  6. About 0.2, I could probably go outside it's just that the house is pretty small and I don't know if my parents would get suspicious about me just randomly going outside
  7. if u have a garage do it there, idk man even 0.2 is kinda risky in such a closed area like a bathroom
  8. Alright thanks man, sorry about the noobie question it's just I'm so used to just going outside. I have smoked in my room before I have a window fan that has an exhaust setting and I never got caught even with my step dad crashed on the couch in the living room, maybe it'd be better to do it in there idk
  9. yea definitely do it if there is a window and blow the smoke out of it
  10. Just toke up in the bathroom then if your parents say anything say you hit the pipe outside then came on for a shower so that must be the smell:confused_2:
  11. Alright dude I appreciate it. Plus if I do happen to get caught like I said the folks already know I smoke and don't really care so all that's really gonna happen is them telling me not to do it in the house
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  12. Smoking in the bathroom is the only room that will amplify smell to ventilation ratio for the entire residence. Dispersion of molecules and entropy is a basic stoichiometry topic.

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