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Smoking in storage unit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zmerc, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Currently in college living on campus, in the dorms they have smoke detectors so I cant or dont want to risk smoking in the room. Also my roommate is anti-weed so I cant smoke in the bathroom either, only when hes gone for weekend. I was thinking about renting a storage unit big enough to park my car in. I would then just smoke in the car so I dont have to worry about the smell spreading to other units. Was wondering if anyone else has ever tried this with any success just worried that someone will wonder why I'm parking my self in a unit every day. Also price is kind of an issue cheapest around is 50 a month with is kind of high cause I'm unemployed atm.
  2. Are you serious? Smoke outside, go to the park, the forest, a field. If your that worried about it buy an iolite vaporizer
  3. Take keys for car, get necessary items to smoke, perferably a joint or a blunt. (DO NOT USE PIECES, if you get caught you can get charged with having those pieces too), Take a ride around town obeying all traffic rules, light up joint, enjoy dank. Or you can always just take a walk and smoke a jay since it looks like a cig? There are so many different ways you can get away with smoking without going that far man. And like that guy said, invest in a cheap vape so you can do it in the bathroom... There is one that sells for 100 bucks called the magic flight launch box, very cheap, WORKS EXTREMLEY WELL!!!!!! I say invest in one of those, they are pocket sized, and very very small... You could fit it in the palm of your hand without anyone knowing you are taking hits from it, and competley SILENT. anyway, good luck :smoke:
  4. you could just walk around smoking a J at night. From the distance it looks like a cig, and by the time a person would smell it, you'd be half way down the block.
  5. go outside no one cares
  6. #6 Zmerc, Sep 29, 2010
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    Well yeah I have smoked while driving hundreds of times back when I was in highschool or every time I drive up to KC. Also been thinking about a vape, or even one those E-cigarette vaporizer From what I heard you can also smoke weed in them. Only problem with smoking outside is just always worrying about someone coming up on and just un-need stress.

    Yeah that magic flight box does seem to be a great little vape. If Didn't have a roommate would just buy one those nice table top vapes
  7. Yeah, buy the magic flight launch box, it's better than those volcanos, and portable, and very small

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