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Smoking in SCHOOL

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by fuckstemsdude2, May 20, 2010.

  1. Oh boy.
  2. Don't give him fuel. We don't need kids yelling out bullcrap.
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    I've smoked during my lunch period outside It's not that great. I'd suggest smoking somewhere safe.

    If you do decide to smoke in school you'll get paranoid, but if you do smoke in school bring some visine or eye drops, you'll need them.

    You said it man, I had a nice dime bag of some nice kush and 30 minutes before school started I was home I whip out my WS* Big Mama (19.7 inches) and I pack the screen put a bit of bud and start tokin'. I was literally lifted and as soon as I leave my house to go to school I start feeling stoned off my ass. I go to school and then I have a substitute teacher in my class. So I thought the day was going to get by and have fun, and then the substitute kept giving me those dirty dirty looks...

    And then one of my classmates goes "you're fucking high you fucking fag" and then she goes "yea" he "looks" high. I got off on this teacher, and I tell her really I'm high? I always look like this (My eyes are always *****y (I'm white)and I always look high), don't even start I'm not high I just start rambling, she's like don't worry I wont report you. I was so pissed but I started to calm down. I was so fucking paranoid, and scared I lost my high as soon as I started doing my work.
  4. Rules About Weed Regarding School.
    1. Dont Smoke In School.
    2. Do Smoke Before School.
    3. If You Have ISS (ISS At My School Is Sitting In A Room As Punishment The Whole Day) Smoke Before School
    4. If Your Too Fucked Up At School Be Chill Know One Will Notice.
    Rule Five Is Optional.
    5. Put A Dip In While High At School! (Or Go Smoke A Cigarette, This Requires Stealth And Finesse).
  5. come to school high or leave school, dont smoke in school, i did and i got suspended and have to deal with court BS.
  6. not that anyone ever should, but the best way to smoke IN school would be to retire to the locker room at lunch, get in the shower and turn a few shower heads on hot, let it get all hot and steamy in there, and just blaze away.

    clothes are optional.
  7. one hitter+sploof=????
  8. Back in the day when i was a young'n I got high all the fucking time befo schooo.

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