Smoking in SCHOOL

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  1. Any tips for my frist day smoking in high school? yes im 18... me and my friends all waited till now to do it and I need to know what not to do our whats really fucking funny haha. thanks
  2. or* whats funny
  3. well for starters dont smoke IN school...
  4. ohh u guys are all a bunch of bitchez... do smoke b4 school and goto class blazzzedddd as hell.. it makes school wayy more tolerable, and itz funn. i do everyday. dont even trip, keepz it reel.
  5. Not inside..Way to obvious smell would completely cover you and the hallways and where ever you smoked at.
    Roll a blunt before you go to school, then at lunch or something try to go outside and smoke somewhere that no one goes too. Maybe a dug out for baseball?
  6. smoke before school, then after school. not during, thats just too much.
  7. Nothing suspicious about coming back to class reeking of either smoke or Aqua Velva...

    I would wait until lunch break to blaze up off of campus way back in high school. I only recommend this in certain classes like auto shop, psychology (seriously!), Government and of course the art classes (made a great pipe in ceramics once).
  8. yea i know not during our school has a 3 hours late tommowrow so it should be straight and if you tell me not to do something then im gunna do it even more. pretty sure majority of "grass" city think the same thing dude
  9. It all depends. Just be smart about it, and don't go around bragging to people or telling people your high or whatever. I carry a little case thing in my backpack that has a tiny amount of weed, a lighter, and a one hitter. I smoked 3 times in the bathrooms today. Before school, lunch, last period. (I don't normally do this we just had end of course exams and I needed to chill) but yeah, I usually have a well trusted friend with me and we take turns hitting it, and holding the door. DON'T take big big hits. you don't want to start coughing, because then people outside will hear. Don't blow it into any smoke detectors. (crazy times :rolleyes: ) And I usually at the most did like 7 bowls, and it was last period, and the bowl things on my onehitter are a little tinier than a pencil eraser so they werent too big. but yeah. Be smart and don't get caught
  10. I'd also advise you not make sure nothing is left from your session. You dont' want to be suspected of being high and have you and your belongings, including car and locker searched on campus.
  11. Me enad my friend smoked in every bathroom in our school during school in one week After that week they posted teachers by every bathroom lol. We conquered the school, but I wouldn't advise it. It's not worth it if you get caught. Especially if you''re a senior and almost done.
  12. i'm assuming you're a senior. it's the end of the year. is it really worth not getting your diploma? that being said, i feel like edibles would be the best way. just put some brownies in a lunchbox and eat them with your lunch.
  13. Just light up a blunt in class when the teacher has her back turned.You'll get away with it.
  14. I am ray charles.
  15. did anyone else notice this retardedness?!
  16. I think he meant "or" instead of "our" brah. Yeah, that typo does make that a bit lolo :p
  17. bathroom stalls are good. everybody uses them so as long as ur not busted in te act your good. you can even flush the evidence. being in a bathroom full or marijuana smoke dosent make you the suspect anyway. having a bag in your pocket does.
  18. my friend told me people at his high school smoke joints in the bathroom infront of anyone

  19. i would have to disagree about shop class, for sure
    a kid who went to a highschool in my city cut off his ring and middle finger in shop class. i didnt know him too well so i never heard if he was blazed or not, but my bet is he was.
    he threw a party a few months later and i saw him holding a bottle of beer with that hand it was pretty funny looking, although i felt bad laughing
  20. Hence why I said "Auto Shop" brah. No saws in there, just a lot of lecture and standing around cars ;)

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