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Smoking In Room

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokin7, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. I want to ask you guys if my setup would allow me to smoke in my room with no trace of smell.

    Here's my setup:
    Both windows in my room open
    Door closed, towel under door
    Fan pointing toward window in one corner of my room where I will be smoking

    I will cover the bowl after each hit, and then blow it out the window. The fan behind me should help push all the smoke out the window. When I'm done i will turn on ceiling fan and put small fan on to circulate air around room. Think this will work guys?
  2. That sounds like it should, I would be quite surprised if it didn't
  3. It will probably be fine as long as someone doesn't walk in right after. I've seen those smoke buddy's...maybe check those out?
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    You should be good with that setup as long as none of smoke blows back. In that situation I like using a spoof because if it blows back in it doesn't smell completely like weed.

    As for the smoke buddy, a lot of people on here will tell you it doesn't work. In my personal experience I have been using the smoke buddy for over a year, I smoke everyday multiple times and I have only ever bought 2. As long as you blow the smoke in properly and none comes out the side there is absolutely no smell. I've taken bong hits and had people walk in literally after I finish blowing out a hit and they don't notice.
  5. Get a smoke buddy
  6. I usually just get a fan turn it around to blow out the window and it will suck put any smoke coming off the bowl if you sit close
  7. I'd use a spoof too, just shove a bunch of dryer sheets in an empty toilet paper roll, works great as long as all the smoke goes through and you replace the sheets after they turn brown

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    I do pretty much the same routine and it works pretty well just make sure the smoke goes out the window and it probably wouldn't hurt to light a candle or an incense.
    As long as you cover the bowl and blow the smoke out the window you don't even need a sploof.
  9. One thing you can check is if the aire coming from the cracks in the door are flowing into you your room because of the fans! If the air is coming in then that pretty much means youre good to go.

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  10. please stop perpetuating the myth that you can use toilet paper rolls for spoofs! it doesn't work! its stupid! spoofs are completely pointless when theyre that short, there is nowhere near enough space/time for the dryer sheets to accomplish much of anything, you might as well not be using anything at all. get something at least as long as a paper towel roll, if not longer if you want it to actually be effective.

    that being said, yeah opie, you shoukd add a spoof into your setup, just please make one thatll actually work, some truly terrible advice gets thrown around this site
  11. all you need is a 1 or 2 liter bottle stuffed fulla drier sheets. works greatttttt

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