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Smoking In Room... Advice Please

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokin7, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. I need to know if this will work and that my parents want be able to smell it coming from my room or in my room after.

    -pack my small glass pipe
    -two bug windows will be open
    -door shit and locked with towel at bottom
    -after each hit cover bowl with quarter so no excess smoke escapes
    -hold in hit then blow directly out window

    And when I'm done ill keep both windows open and turn on ceiling fan on high. Do you guys think this will work and no Smell will be produced. And I can't spray anything to cover smell.
  2. Use a sploof

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  3. Yes it will smell
    your best bet is to buy a mflb vape if you really want to toke inside and be stealthy
  4. Will taking a shower make it obvious? If not just turn it on all the way hot so its steamy and then let the tub fill up and mix the water with soap so the room will smell soapy afterwards.

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  5. ^This. Almost fail proof
  6. Another tip would be to not to break up the nugs in your room, when you open the nugget the smell goes throughout your room. I used a sploof back in the day, almost always had my back :) just watch out and try not to take big rips
  7. here's what I do, If your paranoid i HIGHLY recommend a sploof, carboard tube with dryer sheets in it, or tissues sprayed with air freshener. I sometimes don't even use a sploof, I just open the windows shut the door and pack a one hit bowl, hit it, either put your head out the window or mouth up to the screen if it has one, blow it out, repeat till your baked, hide shit, lightly spray air freshener and keep the  windows wide open, also look into one of those things that helps clear smoke out of the air, its like a febreeze thing that pops up...change clothes, wash hands, keep your door shut and itll air out in whatever amount of time, i usually leave my room and chill on the computer blasting music :smoke: 
  8. it will smell, i lived in an appartment style dorm  and i would smoke in my room with the door shut and the towels under the door --and they would still often smell it. 
    A sploof works, but only if you consistently use it--but even then they may be able to smell the lit bowl. 
  9. you might as well invest in a magic flight box if you don't want to get cought

  10. Take the cardboard tube from center of toilet paper or paper towel roll. Take 4 dryer sheets and some toilet paper. Take 2 dryer sheets and fold them in half and close one end of tube off stuff with toilet paper and repeat with last 2 dryer sheets in opposite end. Blow smoke though this out window.
  11. And for a sploof upgrade this is what I did I got a soda bottle like a plastic coke bottle from the store got about 100+ dryer sheets balled them up and stuffed them in there but before you do that burn little holes in the bottom of the bottle enough to where when you blow out it feels comfortable enough for you. & voila you have a perfect sploof!
    Thabk me later ;)

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  12. Sploof or Smoke Buddy

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