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Smoking In My Room This Winter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by legoboy08, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hey

    I blaze in my room almost every night. Have been since march (When I started smoking) Now I am no noob to smoking but I am not suree what to do once winter comes around here.

    How should I smoke in my room during the winter? What accessories should I use. Precautions to take?

    I cant really open the windows ill freeze lol. So what would you suggest for me to do so I can smoke in my room this winter?

    when its ncie out I:
    Use a sploof/zook (wahtever you call it)
    Open window
    Fan at window
    Ceiling fan on
    Spray Ozium
    Cover Bowl after hitting

    So what should I do in the winter months?

    November to Feburary here in Iowa
  2. One suggestion I have for you is to get a rubber tube that goes out the crack in your window (since you're too chicken-shit to open it and wear a blanket). You could find something that you can easily plug it with and just blow the smoke out through it.
  3. Do that with a tube/straw. Just make sure to block all that space that the straw doesnt go throuh. Use books or paper towels or some shit idk:smoke:

    Use a pipe/bong only. And if you can. Open the window real fast right after you inhale, so you can exhale out the window and close it fast enough{dont slam it and bring attention to yourself} so it doesnt get cold and blow back inside. Also use a sploof just in case. Make an activated carbon sploof, theres guids on here just do a search

  4. Last year, my window froze shut! Had to bust that shit open to smoke in my room.
  5. Smoke in a room that you have your shower in. Turn the water on to full heat and wait untill there is a lot of steam. You can blow smoke out in the room as long as all openings are shut and a lot of steam is built up. The steam completely takes away the smell.
  6. Just open the window? Put on a sweater or a jacket and you should be fine. Its not like you need to open it all the way.

  7. lol oneoneone
  8. Ive thought about buying the "eagle bill" vaporizer

    like $20 bucks for a vape. read that it works well

    or the bubble vaporiser
  9. Why cant you have a window open for 5 to 30 mins in winter? You wont freeze just make it a quiker session if its that cold
  10. Gas mask filter. If there's any sort of Army supply store nearby, you can get an unfitted filter for about $10. No construction required. Think about it, those things were MADE to filter non-oxygen particles from reaching the other side. Just blow smoke into the other side.
  11. Fuk dude winter here sucks!
  12. just open the window its not that bad
    unless your way up north
  13. spoof with a ton of dryer sheets and rotate them regularly. if your careful it shouldn't take more than a candle to mask the odor, plus u use the ozium spray stuff. now, i havent tried the activated carbon spoof but i've got a shit ton of the stuff from my fish tank. I'm gonna try it out real soon.
  14. just open your window it can't be that bad unless u live in somewere like alaska...
  15. I think I'd probably just smoke outside when it's cold. The smoke smelling cold air is just so fresh. Plus everyone's windows will be closed unlike in the summer so no one inside will smell it. I can't wait to do that, just sit on my back porch with a coat in and blaze.

    I bet if you have a fireplace, esp one that burns wood, smoking in front of it would work. It would suck the smoke up the chimney, and the woodburning smell would mask the weed smell. Plus it's chill as hell to stare at a fire while blazed, did it my first time and I could stare at that thing for like a half hour at a time lol.
  16. im smoking in my room right now :)
    I love being 21 and my dad not saying shit. Full time job. he dont care what i do.

    make a sploof. toilet paper roll, stuff dryer sheets into it. blow your hits through it. This worths best with bowls and bongs. Joints and blunts no because its always burning. Then get some ozium. Walmart car section. Its the best. 1 spray fills a room. and thats it.
  17. Wait until its late at night and you are sure nobody will come in your room. Then smoke all you want! By the morning the smell will not be present.
  18. buy a cheap digital vape?
  19. Put a small fan in your window, blowing outside, and cover up the rest of the space in the window with some pillows... Put a towel or something under your door... Exhale through your sploof right behind your fan.... duck tape the cracks on your door if you wanna be extra careful.... spray some air freshener... cover your bowl after your hits... if you do all of that then you should be fine.

    When you blow out you should see all of the smoke funnel out through the fan and you should be all set.

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