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Smoking in my house

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StJimmy673, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. So I have the whole house to myself till tuesday night, my question is, can I smoke today (Really early monday morning, and all day monday) inside my house and have the smell be gone by the time one of my parents gets home tuesday? if so, what precautions should I take?
  2. Yeah you should be fine.
    If you're able keep some windows open and/or blow some smoke out.
    Keep it to one room = less problem.
    Foam based carpet sprays really kill the smell in carpets and curtains/blinds.
    You could "clean your room", making sure to use something that smells nice, like lavender or some shit...between all those, you should be good to go 'til monday night. After that might be more of an issue.
    You can also smoke in the bathroom...less absorbent surfaces...and would be easier to pull of the "cleaning" but, they'll probably thank you for it.
    But yeah. Windows open. Smelly products. Don't use on the day of arrival.
  3. if you smoke a joint or a blunt the smell is gonna be ten times worse. id go with a pipe or bong if i were you. do your parents smoke cigarettes? if they do you can do anything you if not..heed my advice friend

    happy smokin
  4. Other end of the stink scale completely - vapouriser...but in my advice I assumed that since you said smoke, you didn't have one.
  5. Trust me, don't take the risk and just go outside.
  6. ^^That.

    Just take 1 step out the door.
  7. I toke in my room all the time, just light an incense and open a window.. keep it to one room and as long as its not a blunt youll be fine.
  8. Since your using a vape the smell won't be hardly bad at all. I would suggest smoking in a bathroom because if your parents come home and your room smells all perfumed and air sprayed (Unless you spray it say the day before they come back or after your first toke session to give it time to dissipate) You could clean the bathroom and the smell of the bathroom cleaner products would eliminate whatever little smell there ever was.. oh yeah dude... enjoy..
  9. if you have a garage go in it, crack it after opening it about a foot high, smoke in it, keep it cracked but make it small enough for no one to climb into (lol), and then close it all the way an hour or 2 before your people get home.
  10. just save the joints/blunts for outside and you're golden OP

    some febreeze will work wonders too
  11. Smoke in your parents wardrobe.

    Cause dissent.
  12. just go outside man. your parents are gone, besides smoking outside is way better, way less stressful. you can get high as fuck outside, then go do whatever inside and not even have to think twice about the smell.
  13. really?
    another one of these threads?
  14. Another vote for the outside

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  15. While I usually actually PREFER toe outdoors when the opportunity avails itself, it really depends upon the situation. See I know I can't often go around outside smoking or vaping weed on account of my living situation/population in my neighbourhood/relative proximity to Police. This person may NOT be able to do it outside.
    That said if you can go outside , then there's no reason not to other than being lazy.
  16. if you have a porch/patio with screen windows all around, its perfect to smoke in. I use to smoke blunts and just open all the screens. once even hotboxed the whole thing with some friends and the smell was gone in like 30-60 minutes.
  17. Dude smoking inside is easy...

    Only use a bowl inside... small spoons work wonders...

    You will need a sploof... basically take dryer sheets and stuff them into the cardboard roll of either toiletpaper or paper towels. I normally use the papertowels because it is longer so more dryer sheets it inside...

    Anyway take a hit... hold it... then blow the smoke through the paper towel roll filled with dryer sheets... no smell at all.

    I've smoked in my room and 15 min later my mom comes in and doens't have a fucking clue...

    use common sense..

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