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Smoking in my basement.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by La Chimney, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. "You talkin' to me?" :laughing: I couldnt careless about your opinion on where i decide to smoke my ganja... especially @ 12:30 AM. I just got off work dude... over 7 hours of intense labor (dishwashing)... i deserve it mofucka. My back hurrrrts... chronic back pain mang. ;)
  2. Light a candle.. Blow the smoke out of the window (take bong snaps)
  3. I don't give a fuck about what "ailments" you suffer from. You live under your parents roof. They probably feed your fat ass too. And you can't even refrain from doing illegal drugs in their home?

    I've never supported smoking in someone else's house without their permission. Never will. It's downright disrespectful and that's half of everything that's wrong with this world.
  4. its just like burning anything else it isnt going to stink very long you dont even need a splloof trust me
  5. Don't take my comments the wrong way. I'm drunk as fuck for one. It's nothing personal whatsoever. Everyone makes bad decisions and has different opinions and I just disagree with your decision making skills on this matter. Different strokes for different folks, eh?

    I just try to imagine my child hiding cannabis and smoking it in my home and how I'd react. I try to put myself in their shoes. Even though I'm pro-legalization, if I don't want my kid smoking in my home - that's the beginning and end of the discussion. Even though I smoke, even though he/she may call me a hypocrite - guess what? It's my fuckin' house, ya know? You don't like it? Get the fuck out. Pretty simple, right?
  6. so you dont smoke weed in your own house? You're redonkulous my friend. Who gives a fuck... cannabis is harmless... it's not like im shooting up on heroin in the fucking basement... that's something that should be dealt with accordingly. :wave:
    Good luck on your disciplinary skills... i know when im a father im going to introduce my kid to cannabis so he/she does not have to be introduced to it by his/her very unintelligent friends like i was... you will understand once you become a father i guess. :smoke:
  7. Once again, put yourself in their shoes. They don't smoke. They don't want you to smoke. And definitely not in their house. Quit being a dumbass, already.

    Who the fuck cares what I do in my own home? It's my home. I said IF I didn't want my kid smoking in my home (for whatever reason.) "If" is a big word, buddy. Maybe they're too young IMO. Maybe I feel like its affecting their grades or their extracurricular activities.

    You ain't payin' the bills. You ain't buying your own food. You ain't doin' shit but living a stress-free cushy lifestyle and giving not an ounce of respect to those who provide it.

    You're a piece of shit. How 'bout them apples?
  8. Roflmao, damn dude you are drunk, so you should just stfu? Just kidding but calm down bruh.

    nah dude, i have 2 jobs and pay for my own car but not gas cause yes, i am lucky that way. My car takes premo 91-93 octane as well so yeah, expensive gas that i dont have to pay for :cool: ('89 Jetta VR6, cost me 3k and i just bought it and am paying that bitch off for 2 years... already putting $ into it for parts)

    I provide for the family by doing daily chores that i have been doing since i was a kid... i buy my own food whenever im out and about, and when i take my own vacations to Seattle, Portland and soon CO springs i have to pay for A LOT OF SHIT... you dont know anything about me and if you knew me in real life... you would know better then to speak to me that way. My parents love me man... you wouldnt even understand since yeah... im not a dumbass kid thanks (3.9gpa, scored a shitty 20 first time on my ACT however with like no studying... just got to learn the format haha, gonna do a bit better this year im hoping, school itself is almost too easy haha)
  9. I smoked in my room all the time. What you do it take two towels and cover the bottom area below a door where air can get in/out (if you have one). Light an incense if you have one. Make a sploof via taking a toilet paper roll, taping a dryer sheet on top then stuffing 2-3 inside. Blow out of a window and you're good. This is how I had to smoke all the time. My parents bedroom was also right next to mine..
  10. #30 LionHat, Aug 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2011
    Couldn't you just climb out the window if you can't open the door?
    That honestly would be a lot easier than having to stand in front of the window and trying to make sure all the smoke went out and being paranoid about the smell or being caught the entire time.
    And I agree with HighOnTheHill. Good for you that you're that responsible and productive and all that jazz, but it is still your parent's house. It takes the tiniest bit of extra effort to do a lot for being a respectful kid. Even when I'm home alone I don't smoke in the house..
    I don't care about your fancy gas your parents buy or your gpa, your post kind of made you sound like a dumbass kid. :p

    Edit: I pay for my own food when I'm around town and if I go on a trip without my parents then I'm the one paying. That's a given. But I still appreciate the fact that my parents pay for just about everything else. Food, tuition, textbooks, utilities, a place to live, my computer, etc.

  11. Dude you are coming across as kind of a bitch right now. Everyone's situation is different. Stop being a freaking hater. :smoke:
  12. #32 Nadroj, Aug 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2011
    Damn dude, you're just gonna bash me like that without even knowing me? I dont have any living grandparents you prick... they have all past... in fact... i never even got to know either of my grandpas cause i was too young to even remember. So yeah, i would not like you to respond to this. Youre uninformed for just assuming shit like im one of those kids that doesnt take anything for granted. I have to especially because of all the shit that i have been through in my astonishing life. :smoke: (had shingles when i was 6, typical bike/skateboard crashes as a dumb kid, broke my left shoulder snowboarding @ 11, had to have a 2 surgies (one to put 2 pins in and another to have them taken out), wrecked 2 cars, hit a deer in my moms suby and just went too fast in my mr2 around a crazy bend..., and i have also gotten my self out of a couple popo situations while i was BAKED AS FUCK... i hope to never have anything on my record... trying to keep it clean. :)

    So yeah until you have these things popping up all over your fucking body:

    I dont wanna hear shit.
  13. Woah guys chill out. This guy just wanted reassurance that he would be cool to smoke in his basement.

    Fair enough to state your opinion that smoking in his parents house is disrespectful but to make personal insults on no other basis that he smokes in his parents basement is just rude.

    "It's downright disrespectful and that's half of everything that's wrong with this world"

    You can't say much about disrespect when you go around making personal insults to people you don't know because of your view that smoking in another persons house against their will is wrong. Though I agree with this view you can't make judgements just because of your particular opinion.
  14. How does not having living Grandparents make your life harder lol, and too OP have you ever considered a Vaporizer. They are amazing for stealth.

  15. Dude if I had to live with you as a teenager I'd run away from home and leave a note telling you to go fuck yourself. You would never see me again. Is that the outcome your looking for?

    Parents need to talk with their kids. You sound abusive.
  16. This thread is full of angst-y teenagers. If you don't want people's opinions - don't post on a forum asking for them. You won't get much encouragement in such a situation - except by all the other teenagers who are trying to do the same thing. Pipe down now, children.
  17. I wasn't trying to bash you.. I was just saying it's pretty standard to help your parents pay for things when you're an adult. And that I show respect to my parents by not doing things they'd disapprove of in their house. I wasn't judging your entire life or saying you can't get out of tough spots or anything like that. :| Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  18. I'll smoke regardless of what my parents think. I have the utmost respect for my mom, and she knows it's harmless. Stress free environment? My parents are getting a divorced and I just recently loss two very close relatives. Hopefully you change your mind and let you child smoke in your house so they don't end up smoking some place dangerous with stupid people. I have a job, and y'know what..I make dinner most of the time because I go to culinary school so make sure you know all the details before you just start running your mouth you stupid prick.
  19. Howabout ya wake your old man up and ask him if he wants to blaze sum kill. Works for me
  20. AMEN BROTHA. i work as a dishwasher and ive seen some insane meals come out of the restaurant i work at... Rib and Chop House - home - Fine Steaks, Seafood and Ribs

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